Friday, December 8, 2017

Ryan Shazier # 50 for Steelers and his Spinal Injury-103 Stock Market

Interesting how I talked about the Steelers connection in regards to Chiefs Marcus Peters throwing the Flag into the Stands. 
Anyway notice Ryan Shazier of the Steelers who has been in the media a lot lately due to his Spine injury wears number 50. 
Steelers=50(rev red)
Steelers defensive cooridinater in the picture above is "Keith Butler". 
Keith Butler=50, 131
Defense=131(reverse)...also 31...."Steelers"=31
Spinal Injury=168
Ryan Dean Shazier=168

He got injured 63 days (end date) before Super Bowl 52. 
Ryan Shazier=63

He also got his first career sack on Colin Kaepernick....How interesting. 
In the previous post I mentioned: 
The Dark Knight=103
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania=103
103 also reminds me of what I was talking about in regards to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. It was 103 days before the Super Bowl at US BANK Stadium. 
Stock Market Crash=103(rev red)


  1. Part of the Pussification of America, leading to the acceptance of a majority of Americans towards a female president, is going to be the dismantling of the NFL. It has been coming for a little while now, concussions, calls for more safety, etc. This will eventually lead to a big name star becoming paralyzed in a big big game, maybe even the Super Bowl. The NFL always had a shelf life, it is currently beyond expiration.

    1. How’s everything LOA? Bulldogs looking good. Hope everything is going good for you.