Sunday, December 17, 2017

Steelers lose to Patriots-Jesse James Minnesota Bank Robbery-US Bank Stadium

The Steelers lost today to the Patriots on a controversial call. An overturned catch by # 81 Jesse James of the Steelers. 
Pittsburgh Steelers=81

Pope Francis also turned 81 years old today. 

Remember today is also 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 

81 is an important number to the Minnesota Bridge Collapes on 8/1 that fell 81 feet. Pittsburgh (the city of Bridges) collapsed today against the Patriots. 
Eighty one=36(rev red)
Bridge=36(rev red)

Steelers WR Antonio Brown was out for this game as well. Notice he's # 84. 

Jesse James=164(reverse)
Antonio Brown=164(reverse)
One Hundred Sixty Four=103
Partially Torn Calf=103(rev red)

Jesse Dylan James=243(reverse) also 1981(Jewish)
Pittsburgh Steelers=243(simple) and 243(reverse)

Jesse James also the famous Bank/Train Robber....
US Bank Stadium is where the Super Bowl is played. 
Notice he died 5 months 2 days before his bday. Also 155 days. 
Jesse James(Steelers) born on the 155th day of the year. 
Christianity=155(think about Pope Francis)

The guy who killed Jesse James was Robert Ford. 
He was born on 1/31...
Super Bowl=131

He killed James because he had surrendered to Sheriff this is too hilarious. He then went under cover and joined James' Gang before killing him. 
Justin Timberlake singing the halftime show at SB 52 also born on 1/31. 
Notice the other guy who surrendered with him too..Dick Liddil...
Little Dick...awesome. 
Minnesota the land of LAKES. 

Even better....The James Gang dissolved after a botched Bank Robbery in Northfield, Minnesota. That's how he later befriended the guy who killed him. 
Northfield, Minnesota=103(rev red)

Northfield, Minnesota was founded by immigrants from New England....

Interesting Wiki also tells us of the Legacy of the James-Younger Gang and how it inspired Bill Ayers and Diana Oughton in the 1960's. They called themselves the "Jesse James Gang" and it evolved into the "Weather Underground"....
How interesting in regards to what I've been saying about Earthquakes....Weather Underground.....
Bill Ayers=103

Perfect for the NFL not standing theme as well. 
Weather Underground's Idealogy a lot to do with Black Power/Black Nationalism. 

Weather Underground comes from a Bob Dylan lyric....
Jesse DYLAN James....
Zach was talking about Bob Dylan possibly being a sacrifice for this years Super Bowl...

In regards to musicians and connections to Super Bowl....Jesse James reminds me of the song by Cher. She sang the national anthem at SB 33. Her former husband Gregg Allman also died in 2017. 

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