Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kentucky Lawmaker Dan Johnsons kills himself on a Bridge

What I find interesting about this story is that he killed himself on a BRIDGE. 

Dan Johnson=57(H)
He dies age 57 which is 57 days after his birthday. 

He wrote on Facebook that his PTSD of 9/11 will take his life? I can't find any info on it yet, but was he even at 9/11? Or is he saying that 9/11 traumatized him without even being there? 

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  1. It seems as though this was another hit by the DNC he posted a picture of the Obamas as apes and since the DNC lost this race they brought up sexual allegation charges like they did to Roy Moore in Alabama. The FB makes zero sense as it doesn’t mention him being anywhere Near NY. Whether or not true he really died or these people did anything can’t be proved but the script is consistent. If this wasn’t set up that the two parties aren’t on the same team why on earth would either keep nominating kid diddlers, rapists etc. and no one ever goes to jail. The thing thought caught my eye was Bullitt. It was a Steve McQueen movie and a model of Mustang when Broncos and Colts are playing and also featured a Dodge Charger which I believe was used in the VA confederate rally. Also another Bridge Connection to Pittsburgh also with Pitt makes me think of the fact that they have bridges is there are 3 rivers.