Monday, December 25, 2017

Rams/Moses connections to the NFL and Super Bowl 52...Eagles-Vikings-Bernie Casey-Benson

I was sitting here thinking about the Ram symbolism in 2015 I was talking about. I also saw this article about Richie Incognito saying the Bills should take revenge on Gronkowski...

Anyway as I was sitting here I typed in Los Angeles Rams on Wikipedia and right as I pushed enter the TV said Rammed. It was a Dish Network commercial about being rammed by a shopping cart. 
Direct TV Commerical
Direct TV=52(rev red)
Los Angeles Rams=52
This year is Super Bowl 52. 
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Thinking about the Rams....the last time they won the SB was with Kurt Warner who came out of nowhere and took his team to the SB after an ACL tear of the starting QB(Trent Green).....could be something connected to Keenum...or Wentz......OR.....
Funny how Keenum has connections to the Rams....also Bradford has connections to the Rams....Foles(Eagles) was traded to the Rams for Sam Bradford...then Foles was benched with the Rams in favor of Case Keenum....There is a lot of connections to the RAMS in the mix....

Last night I was talking about Los Angeles and a bunch of stuff kept showing me 81....Then I got a copyright claim that was seemingly connected to the same thing......
Notice the Rams established 81 years ago. 

Incognito the 81st pick in the draft to the RAMS....
Also Nebraska plays in the Sea of Red...
Moses parted the Red Sea...
Moses brought in the age of Aries...Aries is the RAM. 
Red Sea=52
I talked about a lot of this stuff previously....Nebraska had a terrible record but still went to the Foster Farms Bowl against UCLA in Levi's Stadium(49ers)...
49ers is where the Kneeling stuff began....
Moses was in the Tribe of Levi...
The Ten Commandments=71
LINCOLN.....MOSES   both supposedly freed the slaves...

I talked about 75 in the previous post as well...
Rob Gronkowski=75(rev red)
Incognito born on 7/5. 
Revenge Shot=75

Richie Incognito=95
Robert Gronkowski=95(rev red)

I'm also reminded of the death of Benson.....He was born in St. Louis and died in Los Angeles...reminding us of the Rams. 
I don't know enough about this show, but I'm guessing there may be some big clues if there is a connection to the Rams. 

We also had the death of Bernie Casey in September who played with the 49ers and the RAMS. 
Bernie Casey=52

Funny I even posted about the film Poltergeist and the connection to Los Angeles a few months back. In the film it shows the RAMS helmet....also think about the Charlottesville Rally and car Ramming.....Also the car Ramming on the Bridge in London...
The London Bridge Attack was 8 months 1 day before the SB...

Some stuff to think about but I gotta get some sleep. 


  1. The Rams broke ground for their new stadium on 11/17/16, or 444 days before Super Bowl LII>

  2. LA Rams were the 1st to put the Logo on Helmets and it just happened to be the Horns.. then they Won the following Year! There is prophecy for them..

    1. It was in 1948 when Philli beat Az then LA Rams in 1948, then Rams lose to Cleveland in 1950, then in 1951 Rams beat Cleveland 21-17 in the 32nd season