Friday, December 1, 2017

Delaware Earthquake felt in Philadelphia just 3 days after I mentioned a possible Earthquake in the Area again.

Dover Delaware....DD....44
Today is perfect for an earthquake as it has 58 date numerology. 
Mexico City had the earthquake exactly 585 days after Pope Francis Visited too. 
Pope Francis=58(rev red)

Philadelphia Eagles Blog Post 11/27
I just posted 3 days ago about the Philadelphia Eagles and how everything seems to be connected to what I was documenting in 2015. I even mentioned I think it's connected to a Bridge Collapse or Earthquake near Philadelphia. 
Now 3 days we get a 4.1 earthquake in Delaware and it was felt in Philadelphia. 

Today is 66 days before the Super Bowl. 
Notice the Cowboys beat the Redskins(Indians) becoming 6-6 today. 
It also says the earthquake was 66 miles from Baltimore(Ravens). 
Baltimore Ravens=231(reverse)=National Anthem=231(reverse)
Baltimore Ravens=66(reduced)
A 4.1 magnitude.....
Super Bowl=41
I don't think it's for the Cowboys in the Super Bowl, just another riddle using the Cowboy theme....We'll see what happens with the Ravens as I'm not sure what my thoughts are yet. They are the other "Black Bird" which is fitting for the Charles Manson Helter Skelter Theory....
Ha, Joe Flacco went to college at Delaware too. 
Joseph Vincent Flacco=313(reverse)
313 the big number in my Philadelphia Blog Post....
Flacco will soon be 33 years old..."Delaware"=33

I wonder if we will see further earthquakes in the area in the next few days? 


  1. I've been following dutchsinse YT channel for several months and he seems like the real deal, in spite of the name and the hexagon logo. He's been forecasting earthquakes for almost 9 years using seismograph data from several different reporting agencies. He forecast this Delaware quake earlier this week.Now I am completely baffled how this quake 88 miles from DC could have been seeded so that it lands on a date matching sports and the pope. WTH? Here is the link to Dutch's video about it and he explains it starting at 18 min.

  2. Notice the score 14 to 38:
    14 + 38 = 52...In the Year of Superbowl 52

    "Fourteen-Thirty Eight TNF Visitor Team"=====444 [O]
    "A NFL Week Thirteen Cowboys Sixth Win"======444
    "A New England Patriots Superbowl Tribute"===444
    "Project for a New American Century"=========444 [RO]
    "New World Order Government Agenda"==========444 [RO]