Monday, January 1, 2018

Top CEO killed in New Year's Eve Plane Crash-Papa John stepping down as CEO

New Years Eve is a perfect day for a plane crash. 
New Years Eve=56(rev red)
Plane Crash=56(rev red) also 43
New Years=43(rev red)

Notice he also died in "Cowan" and the plane crashed into the Hawkesbury River. 

He also dies 9 months 2 days after his bday. 
Cowan, New South Wales=92(rev red)
Hawkesbury River=92(rev red)

Compass CEO=161(reverse)
Compass Group=161(reverse)
Richard Cousins=161

CEO=58(reverse) also 58(Jewish)
He died age 58. 

Compass group operates Papa Johns? 
There has to be a riddle in regards to football especially since Papa Johns CEO and founder just stepped down. 

Cousins dies 88 days before his bday. 
Papa Johns says their stocks were down because of the anthem protests....
Kneel=88=Colin Kaepernick=the star spangled banner=Trump=US Bank Stadium....88th year of the Stock Market Crash and so on. 

John Schnatter's stepping down starts today on 1/1 as well. 

Schnatter is 56 years old. 
John Schnatter=56
Remember he stepped down after 33 years of Papa Johns. 
Slice=33(rev red)
Think about Compass in regards to Pizza as well. 
A compass draws circles....although pizza can be in other shapes the majority thinks of a full pizza as a circle and a slice as a triangle. 
Compass=40(rev red) and 86
Circle=40(rev red)

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