Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Roseanne returning to ABC-reminds me of a lot of things I've been talking about-Kabbalah-Big Bang Theory-Gabriel-Space

Interesting we would get this story about the return of Roseanne today.....Roseanne reminds me a lot of some of things I've recently been talking about. 
John Goodman...King Ralph...
John Galecki is Leonard on The Big Bang Theory also famous for being David Healy on Roseanne.  

David Healy=91=Roseanne=Rockets=Space=Flat Earth

Think about the RING/Gabriel stuff I mentioned a while back too. He was Professor Gabriel on that film. 

Leonard on the show originally from New Jersey. He went to Princeton and then moved to California and that's where the show starts. 
When Sheldon leaves LAX to New Jersey, he goes to Princeton as that's where Amy left to. 
It's similar to the reverse of how the show started. 
Remember he tells Sheldon 73 is the like the Chuck Norris of Numbers...
Chuck Norris=158(reverse)
Seventy Three=158(reverse)

Notice Wiki makes sure to let us know about the episode called "The Gorilla Dissolution" and that's when Leonard and Penny got engaged. 
Of course this is the 158th episode. 

He was also the voice of Leonard on the 135th episode of Family Guy. 

His character on Roseanne might actually be Kevin and not David? 
Kevin Healy=112, and 158(reverse)

In regards to the Big Bang Theory it makes me think of Howard, as he is a Jewish Astronaut. 
Howard Wolowitz=166(reverse)
Go figure he would be 166 lol. 

Roseanne studies Kabbalah and attended the Kabbalah Centre. Interesting I just brought up Kabbalah a few days ago in regards to Ein Sof and Infinity. 

Today is 6 months 13 days after Roseanne's 64th bday. 
Also 194 days. 
Roseanne Barr=194(reverse)
In my post in regards to Kabbalah I even mentioned "Infinity"=613(Jewish) and the 613 Mitzvats(commandments). 
Do what Thou Wilt=64
Synagogue of Satan=64

The next episode of Roseanne will be the 223rd episode too. 
The Synagogue of Satan=223

Roseanne also known for singing a terrible National Anthem on 7/25/1990 in San Diego....a place of importance I have been mentioning.  
The Star Spangled Banner=223

Roseanne also currently lives on Big Island, Hawaii. 
Big Island=166(reverse)
I went to Hawaii in 2002 or 2003(can't remember which year) and we went to the Big Island. Who knows just interests me that it's 166. 

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