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Mike Brown Mesa Community College and San Diego-more Rockets connections in my life.

The other day someone commented about the 35 stuff and how Mike Brown was born on 3/5. It made me look up Mike Brown again and what stood out to me was the colleges he went to. 
He went to Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona and then San Diego. 
Now this struck me as weird as I had mentioned my cousin Wario aka Chris HOUSTON just a few nights ago. 

In June 2008 Chris Houston and I moved to Mesa, Arizona together and both attended The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. After graduating I came back to Iowa and he moved to San Diego. He still lives in San Diego(Ocean Beach) to this day. 
The Celtics beat the Lakers in the Finals when I first moved there as well. 

So yet again a Houston connection to what I have been saying and remember the Rockets are originally from San Diego. 

Mesa, Arizona=175(reverse)
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)
Golden State=175(reverse)

What's even weirder is when I lived here my best friend came down to visit and I went to my first ever NBA game. 
His flight back was messed up so he stayed longer and we ended up going to 2 NBA games that week. 
Chris Sturgill=175
I've recently been posting a lot about the King symbolism and how it ties into Isaiah Thomas-The Seattle Supersonics and what not. 
The first ever game I went to was the Suns vs Thunder. Then 2 days later we went to the Suns vs Celtics. 
I even text him last night talking about this and asked him if he remembered when Ron Artest lost his tooth. He totally remembers it as it was funny as hell that night. 
Interesting in the games I went to the Suns got their 31st win and then lost staying on 31 wins. 
The Boston game was on the 53rd day of the year. 

Anyway the first ever NBA Game I went to Kevin Durant # 35 scored 35 points and was 3-5 on Three's. 

2009 was the year the Lakers beat the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard in the Finals. 
Howard eventually went to the Lakers and this is when Mike Brown got fired and replaced by the Rockets current coach Mike D'Antoni. 
Mike D'Antoni also drafted to the NBA by the Kansas City-Omaha KINGS. 
Of Course D'Antoni was the coach of the Suns too. Isaiah Thomas also played for the Suns before going to the Celtics. 
The year Dwight Howard went to the Lakers the famous Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash also played for the Lakers. 
Remember Kobe supposedly played too many minutes because of Mike D'Antoni and then tore his achilles tendon against the Warriors. This reminds us of Detroit Pistons "Isiah Thomas". He tore his achilles against the Orlando Magic in 1994 when the Rockets won the finals. 
"Isiah Thomas"=175
Detroit Pistons=175(reverse)
Now we got Kobe Bryant helping Isaiah Thomas prepare for games.
Kobe was 34 years old, he scored 34 points that game getting the Lakers 43rd win. He came back exactly 34 weeks later on 12/8/13 which was Dwight Howard's bday. Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets played the Orlando Magic on 12/8/13 too.  Also it was the day John Glenn died in 2016 which is 175 days before the Finals begin. 
After Kobe tore his achilles the Lakers went on to beat the Rockets on the final game that season to make the playoffs.  
Then the Lakers were swept by the Spurs in the playoffs and Dwight Howard leaves the Lakers to the Rockets. 

The 2016-17 first game of the season for the Rockets was against the Lakers. 
Remember "Los Angeles Lakers"=175 too. The Lakers won 120-114 and Harden scored 34 points. 

The Lakers final game this season was against the Warriors on the 4th anniversary of Kobe tearing his achilles. 
The score was 109-94=203
Houston Rockets=203
Los Angeles=109 

Interesting Nash and Isaiah Thomas share the bday of 2/7. 

Shaq played for the Phoenix Suns when I went to my first game as well.  After this season Shaq went to Cavaliers and then finished his career with the Celtics. Shaq even got carried in like he was flying as he was "Superman" Dwight Howard. 
Shaq of course was # 34 for the Lakers and they retired his jersey the season Howard played with the Lakers. 
The Rockets last won the NBA Finals beating Shaq's Magic team. 

Also Trevor Ariza played with the Lakers on the 2009 team. 
Lou Williams traded to Houston from the Lakers for Corey Brewer and a draft pick. 

Corey Brewer born on 3/5 just like Mike Brown. So obviously the Rockets had to get rid of him because of this. Whether it's good for the Warriors or Rockets I'm still unsure, but they have a lot of interrelated connections. 

His streak started on 2/7 and  his team scored 91 points and lost to the Pelicans who stayed on 27 losses. 
Lou Williams first game with the Rockets he scored 27 points against the Pelicans. Remember Demarcus Cousins(Kings) first game with the Pelicans was against the Rockets. 

He's also the current "Iron Man" on the NBA since Isaiah Thomas' 25th bday. The last game he missed was on 2/5/14 against the Thunder. 
All of this goes back to my first ever conspiracy video on Youtube lol. 
We just got the Mark Wahlberg Boston Bombing movie. 
Polarization Nation saying Zach is the Tsarnaev brother lol...
Tamerlan means "Iron Man" he was a Celtic Warrior. 
Plus Sheamus the Celtic Warrior knocking out Hardy's tooth the same day as Thomas'. 
A bartender of a a bar I frequently DJ is also nicknamed Sheamus as he looks a lot like him. I think he even graduated with my cousin Chris Houston too. 
Anyway his name is "Jake Slater"=168(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

My First Youtube Video-Boston Bombing-Lakers-Celtic Warrior-Batman

I made this video half joking at the time as I knew there was some odd things, but I didn't realize the level of how sports were really rigged until months later. There were all kinds of videos going around about Dzhokar being JOKER even though it's Jahar. I see why it looks like Joker though and it makes sense. 
Boston Marathon=203 and 175(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203 and 175(reverse)

As I'm typing this up I was listening to the halftime show of the Spurs vs Rockets game. As the commercial is fading in you hear "CJ McCollum"=165(reverse) say "Spurs in Seven". It really makes no sense as to what they were talking either. 
Remember this if the Spurs win in 7 games. 
NBA Finals=33, 78 and 57(reverse) and 165(reverse)
CJ McCollum=33. 105 and 57(reverse) and 165(reverse). 

He's also born on 9/19/1991. 
This was also the day Youtube was showing me by giving me my first copyright claim and was coding it by the numbers. I have multiple videos in regards to September 19th and Queen Elizabeth II and Youtube copyright claiming my videos. 

So right as I started typing about Youtube and the 9/19 date my computer just shut off. It had almost a full battery when I took it off the charger like half hour ago so it didn't make sense for my computer to just shut off. It was 1:52pm when it shut off and here's a screen shot showing my battery is still pretty full. It was at 79 percent but I couldn't figure out how to show that in the pic. 

Here's a pic of it when I figured out how to show the percent in my screen shot. 

Whether the Rockets go to the Finals or not, it's still pretty strange how big of a connection my life has to the numbers involving them. I wonder if it's just like the Super Bowl and I was being shown the Falcons through the Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino and it wasn't actually for the Dolphins to win? 

In thinking about it as well, in January I mentioned my cousin Ryan Murphy. He lives about 15 minutes away(Pembroke Pines) from the Ft. Lauderdale airport and then we got the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting. Ryan and his brother Timmy are the only guys I know that are fans of the Houston Rockets. We used to call Timmy T-Murf even because he liked T-Mac. Remember Timmy and I went to the bar together on Halloween. He was Fred Flintstone and I was Jesus.-My Uncle Barney died his wife was Betty(Flintstones). 
Tracy McGrady finished his career with the Spurs when they lost in the Finals after the Boston Bombing to the Miami Heat.  McGrady played with Yao Ming-also played in China before trying a comeback with the Spurs. (Chyna Thomas). 

 Pembroke Pines=203(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203
Ryan is also 35 years old right now born on 7/7/81. So just after the Rockets lost to the Celtics in the Finals. 
His first kid is named "Nash". I'm not gonna post the picture but on January 29th they even posted a picture of him making a Solar System and talked about him having a SPACE theme at school. 
Solar System=166
The Rockets lost to the Pacers that day staying on 35 wins. 

Timmy is 31 years old. 
Remember how "Calvin" kept coming up in my life as well? I wonder if that had to do with Calvin Murphy the Rockets player who was the same height as Isaiah Thomas.

Have to get ready to DJ but definitely got me thinking even more about this. 

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