Monday, May 8, 2017

Death of Patrick Beverley's Grandfather-Bobby Brown-China-King-Space

Patrick Beverley's grandfather died today 5/7. 
NBA Finals=57(reverse)
Patrick Beverley=172
Rheese Morris=172(reverse)

The Rockets were leading 57 to 53 at Halftime too. 

Today also 25 days before the NBA Finals begin and 2 months 5 days before Beverley's bday. 
5/7 also fitting as it's the 127th day of the year. 
Beverley's bday on July 12th...7/12 or 12/7. 

Towards the end of the game it seemed as if the announcers kept mentioning Houston Rocket Bobby Brown. I notice he was 5-7 shooting. Also remember Whitney Houston's husband was Bobby Brown and he was born on 2/5. It was connected to the Super Bowl that was played on 2/5 in Houston. 
He turned 48. 
Bobbi Brown=48
Whitney died age 48. 
Bobbi Kristina Brown=203
Houston Rockets=203
She died age 22...."Basketball"=22

Interesting too that Bobby Brown's first solo album was called "KING of Stage" and it came out in 1986. The Celtics beat the Rockets in 1986 Finals getting Larry Bird's final ring. 
This was also the season the Sacramento Kings left Kansas City to Sacramento. 

He's averaging 2.5 points per game? 

He even made the media for writing on the Great Wall of China in the preseason. The first NBA team he played for was the Kings as well. 

The Rockets and the Pelicans played exhibition games in China this year too. Also notice the Rockets began the season playing Shanghai. I knew there was more to the Chyna Thomas connection and the country China. The 2 games between the Pelicans and Rockets were the only games played in China this season. 
Demarcus Cousins leaves the Kings to the Pelicans and plays the Rockets on his first game there. 

Interesting in 2004 when Yao Ming played for the Rockets they played the Kings in China. 

Earlier today I got a comment on one of my old Allen Iverson videos. I only find this strange as after the Rockets vs Spurs game they brought up the fact that today was the anniversary of Allen Iverson's rant about practice. The comment isn't bad or anything but the timing is interesting. 
Bobby Brown(singer) from Boston, Massachusetts
Iverson lost in the Elite 8 to Massachusetts his final year. Lost to UNC the year before. 

I also noticed in the Rockets game tonight multiple times where they zoomed in on the Championship banners in the Toyota Center. 

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  1. "Had a blast at the Great Wall of china today" = 130
    May 10 is 130th day of the year.
    May 10 is 111th day of presidency.
    Donald John trump = 1110