Thursday, May 25, 2017

007 James Bond Occurrence that I just had after posting a new video on Youtube.

I just posted this video on Youtube. I was trying to leave a link in regards to 37 and 73 in the bible, but for some reason the link on my blog won't work anymore. 

It worked just fine the other night. 
I figured no big deal, I will find another link that is similar to the info I was showing as the other night I found multiple links with the same info. 
I searched for about 10 minutes and I cannot find any of the links I was looking at the other night. No matter what I search, nothing pops up that is even close to the info I am looking for. 

I wondered if possibly there was a link left on my old "Big Bang Theory" video that I clicked on from the comments....So I went to the old video and looked at the comment I got that sparked me to look it up in the first place. Of course the persons Youtube name would be "007stalled". 
James Bond 007....My last post was about James Bond/Roger Moore and the space theme. Honestly for the last 2 hours I've been reading about James Bond too. Just hilarious to me. 

This person also left another comment in which they even mention the new James Bond movie "Spectre". 

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