Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Death of John E. Fogarty Rhode Island Congressman on 1/10/1967.

Someone asked me to look into the death of John E. Fogarty. 
He was a Rhode Island Congressman who died on 1/10/1967. 
First thing I notice is the fact he became a congressman on 1/3/41. 
Interesting as the 13th prime number is 41. 
He died while being sworn in to his 14th term. So he served 13 full terms and dies being sworn in on his fourteenth. 
Fourteen=41....the 13th prime. 
Sworn in=41(reduced reverse)

Fogarty also born in the year 13'. 

He was the congressman of Rhode Island which was the 1st of the 13 colonies to renounce it's allegiance to the British Crown and also the 13th state. 

He dies 139 days before the 177th anniversary of Rhode Island being a state. 
John Fogarty=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139
Interesting he was close with JFK. 
JFK's bday is 5/29 which was the 127th anniversary of Rhode Island being a state. 
127 the 31st prime. (reflection of 13)

He also died 3 years 1 month 19 days after JFK. This is interesting to me as the 93' World Trade Center Bombing was 3,119 days before 9/11/2001. 
3119 the 444th prime. 
Anything that adds to 74(simple) is also 444(sumerian). 

He was congressman for 26 years and dies on January 10th.  1/10 or 10/1. 
The 26th prime is 101. 

The Longworth Building he died in is 1 of 3 office buildings used by the House of Representatives. 
It's named after Nicholas Longworth who died in the year 31' and served on the House until 1913. 
Fogarty also died in the 33rd year of the building being opened in 1933'. It was just after the beginning of the 90th US Congress. 

He dies 72 days before his 54th bday. 
Heart Attack=72(reduced reverse)
John E Fogarty=72(reduced E)
Thirteenth State=213(reverse) 
He dies 2 months 13 days before his bday. 

Honestly when I first read the comment I thought of CCR and John Fogerty. 
He will be 72 years old this year, be interesting if he ends up dead age 72. 

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