Thursday, May 11, 2017

Jeremy Lin says racist remarks were worse in NCAA than NBA

This is the type of stuff I'm talking about. Just last night I posted about Jeremy Lin in regards to the Rockets and China and now today we get a headline article about him on Espn. The article is about racist remarks in regards to his playing career. 
Lin began his NBA career with Golden State, I just noticed he also grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Jeremy Lin=48, 111
The NBA Finals=48, 111
This story comes 22 days before the Finals begin. 
Oakland=22(where Warriors play)
Oakland=31 also. I forgot about all the 31's in regards to the Warriors such as "Curry"=31
Remember the Warriors beat the Cavs 126-91 the same day Eugene Cernan died 1 month 26 days before his bday. (The 35 game). 
Cernan=35(rev red)
Jeremy Lin=1189(Jewish)
Kevin Durant=1189(Jewish)
Donald J Trump=1189(Jewish)
Trumps 70th bday was Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope...
1,189 chapters in the KJV and so on. 

I also forgot about the Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire story we got on 12/2. 
It was 181 days before the Finals. 
Houston Texas=181.....I previously mentioned 181 being the 42nd prime. 
Ghost Ship=122(reverse)
Golden State=122=San Francisco=Pope Francis
Re looking at my old post on it, I mentioned that the Cavs won on 12/2 making their record 13-5. The fire happened at 1305  31st street. 
Great Chicago Fire=135
Just pointing it out in regards to "Gabriel"=135
The Celtics also beat the KINGs that day. 

This story comes on May 10th or 10/5 and is 105 days before his bday. 
Also 3 months 13 days. 
Oakland California=313
313 also the number connected to Pope Francis and Mark of the Beast. 


  1. Eugene cernan = 58. Today is 58 days after his birthday.
    Fifty eight = 115. Today is 115 days after the day he died. Today's date 11/5.
    Eugene Cernan = 112. Houston = 112.
    I think the series ends 4-2 today in Houston Texas (181)
    Would be the rockets 32nd loss of the season on the 131st day of the year. 131 the 32nd prime.
    They would stay on 61 wins too. Fifty eight = 61.
    Rockets 93rd game, Spurs = 93.

    1. Nice you could very well be right. "San Antonio"=58(reduced reverse). Today is also 1 month 15 days after 3/26 which I kept mentioning. With the end date Cernan died 3 months 26 days ago. Lebron shot 9 of 23 on 11/5 this year. It's also 21 days before the NBA Finals..."Spurs"=21 "U"=21 Tim Duncan # 21, Spurs knocked out of playoffs last year 21 days before the Finals began...21 a big Spurs number. Something I overlooked in regards to the Cavs is that John Glenn's bday is July 18th which is when the republican national convention was in Cleveland. He died in Columbus, Ohio-Flat Earth Kyrie.