Thursday, May 18, 2017

Death of Chris Cornell-Space-Moon Theme

Today we got the story of Chris Cornell's death. 
It's funny as he was just in Council Bluffs, Iowa on 5/12 for Rockfest. I saw some people post on Facebook about their bucket list of seeing Soundgarden and what not. I had no idea they were there or I might have went too. Anyway...

He died on May 17th...
The 137th day of the year. 
33rd prime is 137. 

He died at "MGM Grand Hotel"=137
Grunge Music=137
Eclipse=33....I will explain more later. 
Total Eclipse=137

He died in Detroit but notice he also died before playing a show in Columbus, Ohio. 
Columbus is also where John Glenn died. It's where the Golden State Warriors coach Mike Brown was born. 
Columbus named in honor of Christopher Columbus. 
The CC sent by the CC(Catholic Church). 
The  CC...Cleveland Cavaliers-Kyrie Irving believing in the Flat Earth.-Washington Irving starting the Flat Earth myth about Christopher Columbus. 
There is a big parallel in regards to this death in what I've been showing. He's famous for the Seattle band Soundgarden. Isaiah Thomas is from the Seattle area and his sister died there as well. I talked about the connections to the "Detroit Pistons"=175(reverse)(Isiah Thomas) and Cornell dies in Detroit. 
Isiah Thomas=175
Golden State=175(reverse)
Cornell dies on 17/5. 
Space Theme=175
Flat Earth=91

Notice Chris Cornell's bday of 7/20 as well. 
This means he turned 5 years old the day Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. 

Chris Cornell=64, 136
He was born in 1964. 
He dies 64 days before his bday. 
Dies in "Michigan"=64
Michigan is also important to the Space theme and all 3 astronauts on Apollo 15 were Alumni of Michigan. 
Apollo Fifteen=64, 136
CNN Chris Cornell Death Article
In the link Cornell mentions in the video how Soundgarden was "Anti Commercial"=64, 136
Remember this years NCAA tournament was also the first time it was in a western state since 1995 when it was in Seattle. -Not going to re explain it on the blog but 95' is a big year to the space theme. The Houston Rockets Won this year, The Supersonics played in the Tacoma Dome and so on...Michigan and Purdue both lost on the 82nd day-Neil Armstrong(first) and Cernan(last) to walk on Moon both die age 82...."Seattle"=82....The NCAA Tournament began on Gene Cernan's bday.....a lot more in previous blogs. 

I saw this on Zach's blog and it just fits even more to what I was noticing. 
Soundgarden well known for their song "Black Hole Sun". 
This is what it looks like when we get a Total Solar Eclipse. 
On 8/21/17 we are getting the first Total Solar Eclipse visible to the lower 48 states since 2/26/1979. The 1979 eclipse was mostly visible to the Pacific Northwest....Think about it...that's where Seattle is. 
Also 2/26....the 57th day of the year. 
NBA Finals=57(reverse red)

The eclipse is 33 days(end date) after what would've been his 53rd bday. 

He also died 97 days(end date) before the eclipse. 
Christopher John Boyle=97(rev red)
3 months 5 days. 

Black Sun=52
Fell on Black Days=52
He dies age 52. 

There has to be some type of riddle in regards to Cornell University as well. I see there have been 8 astronauts to attend Cornell. Also Otto Glasser who directed the USAF program that developed the SM-65 Atlas Rocket in San Diego. The Atlas rockets sent Project Mercury(Glenn and others) to space.
Bill Nye=34
Bill Nye the Science Guy=97
William Sanford Nye=97(red rev)
Remember he started his career in Seattle too. 
Just noting too, "Bill Nye the Science Guy"=923(satanic)

Superman....and the Wizard of Oz went to Cornell university. 
haha Zach just posted about Chris Cornell and the Wizard of Oz book too. 
Chris Cornell dies on 117 anniversary of Wiz of Oz-Emerald City Seattle

The Wizard of Oz=175(reverse)
He died at MGM Grand Hotel on 17/5.....MGM is the company that made The Wizard of OZ(Brother Berg)

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