Friday, May 12, 2017

Kirk Sturgill Memorial Page-Houston and other odd occurrences tonight

I just went to the Memorial Facebook of Kirk Sturgill. 
Look at that...only 3 people left a comment today. The first was "Houston Sean". 
What are the odds? It's this type of stuff that although the Rockets lost, I know it's connected to something bigger than sports. 

Notice it's the reverse of his name too....
Wade Nelson=112
The only comment to Wade is by Kimberly Mueller. 
Kimberly Mueller=181
Houston, Texas=181
The other is Cory Donscheski. Now how interesting I mentioned him in regards to Erin Moran when she died on the 112th day of the year in CoryDon, Indiana. 

I know all of these people except Sean Houston. Possibly I know him too, It just doesn't ring a bell. Lol funny too I was to the DJ at Kim's wedding and also Wade's wedding. 
Disc Jockey=166(reverse)
DJ Beartrap=175(reverse) What most people call me in regards to DJing. 
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)
Beartrap Disc Jockey=112(rev red)

There is also more that I know most people won't understand. So Kirk died on 5/11 which is also a girl I know's birthday. I just went to the bar in town to buy a pizza to go and she was there. I forgot that today is her 30th bday. 
I bought a "Roberto's"=112
Leah's dad died on 9/4/14 and he was really good friends with Dana Sturgill who is Kirk and Chris' dad. 
Her dad's name was "Gerald Baldwin"=112
She even asked me to DJ a house warming party for her this summer. 
Her dad died on 9/4/14 the same day as Joan Rivers. 
Joan Rivers aka "Joan Molinsky"=166(reverse)

Lol so as I'm looking up "Leah Baldwin"=91=Rockets
I hear the TV singing Jazzman. It was Lisa Simpson on the Simpsons. I thought she was saying Jasmine and I looked at my girlfriend and nodded my head. She was like shut up, and I said I thought they were saying Jasmine not Jazzman. 
Then my girlfriend right after that said,  will you hand me the White Pillow behind you. 
White Pillow=152
Jasmine Cowgill=152
Jazz Mine=112
Jazz Musician=152

It's this episode "Round Springfield". 

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