Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mike D'Antoni is having the time of his life-left Knicks because of Carmelo

Earlier today we had these stories up on
The NBA Finals=213(reverse)

I love how the whole Mike D'Antoni article is about his 31 year marriage. 
Having the time of his life=112(rev red)
I mean even if the Rockets don't win, this is the type of stuff that happens all the time. These stories are always coded like this. 

D'Antoni the improbable KING of Italian pro basketball? 
He was drafted to the Kansas City Kings and finished his NBA Career with the Spurs too. 
His wife is "Laurel"=326(Jewish) also 93(reverse)

He knows he is the Forrest Gump of basketball? 
Just interesting as I mentioned before I think there is a big piece to all of this space stuff in regards to Tom Hanks and Forrest Gump...
Forrest goes to the Moon in the Book. 
The Book came out in 1986 which is the year the Rockets lost to the Celtics in the Finals. The movie came out in 1994 just after the Rockets won their first championship. The film is set in 1981 with Forrest on the bench but flashes back....1981 the Rockets lost to the Celtics. 
Forrest Gump=59, 158 and 58, 139(reverse)
Houston Rockets=59
Golden State=59(rev red)
Freemasonry=59, 139

He also meets JFK, plays Ping Pong in China for Chinese diplomacy.....Pizzagate  COMET Ping Pong..Kennedy Space much I've mentioned previously. 

Game 5 tonight went to OT 101-101. 
Tom Hanks=101
Halftime score Rockets winning 60-58. 
San Antonio=58
The Total score tonight of 107-110=217. 
21/7 the day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. 
The All Star game moved this day out of Charlotte to New Orleans. The All star week began on 2/17. 
The Day Eugene Cernan died 1/16 the Warriors beat the Cavs by 35 and total score of 217. 
New England Patriots=217

I could really care less who goes to the NBA Finals. The reason I'm covering this is for the fact that there is a Space theme that has been going on for a while now. The Rockets are obviously being used in regards to it whether they win or lose. My life has a lot of connections to the Rockets as well which I'm trying to figure out. 
Something I keep and have been thinking is every time I've noticed a connection to a certain team they don't win lol. 
I kept mentioning the Native American theme connected to my life and how I thought the World Series would be for the Indians and Cubs. The Indians made the WS but lost. Then all of the Miami Dolphins stuff in regards to my uncle and they didn't win either. Now I'm wondering if it's the same with the Rockets? I'm not counting them out though. They are down 3-2 and and "Houston"=32(rev red). 

We got another story today about Mike D'Antoni as well. 
He quit the Knicks because of Carmelo...
Carmelo=312(satanic)  but also 41 and 122(reverse)
Golden State=41, 122

He quit on Pi day....also Eugene Cernan and Steph Curry's bday. 

I talked about Mike Brown never winning the Finals, but I never thought about Mike D'Antoni never winning either.  D'Antoni has never even been to the Finals. 
I also never realized that D'Antoni has never beat the Spurs in the Playoffs as a coach. Remember the year Kobe was injured the Lakers beat the Rockets to make the playoffs, and then were swept by the Spurs. D'Antoni also lost to the Spurs all 3 times he faced them in the playoffs as a coach of the Phoenix Suns. So he will be 0-5 or 1-4 against the Spurs in playoffs. 
He's born on 5/8. 
San Antonio=58

A big deal Carmelo didn't like was the overreliance of Jeremy Lin...
Jeremy Lin of course connected to China/Asian. He also left the Knicks after that season to the Rockets.  He also began his career in Golden State.  
He was with the Rockets the same time the Lakers had D'Antoni and then when Dwight Howard left the Lakers to the Rockets. 
Then the next season he was traded to the Lakers....There are so many Lakers/Rockets connections it's ridiculous. 

Just realized....
Lebron James=114

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