Monday, May 1, 2017

Isaiah Thomas loses Tooth in Game 1 against Wizards-More King/Space Theme-

So Isaiah Thomas lost a front tooth in today's game against the Wizards. 
Tooth=78, 57(reverse)
NBA Finals=78 and 57(reverse reduced)

We'll see what happens but It's funny too that when I think of a missing tooth and the NBA I think of Ron Artest. I'll never forget watching this game above as Ron Artest's tooth falls out when he's yelling. 

The reason I remember the Ron Artest thing was because I was at my best friend Sturgill's apartment and we were watching the Lakers game that was on. I can't remember which game was first but we were just drinking watching the games and I was a Laker Fan. We ended up watching the Rockets vs Jazz game too. When Ron Artest's tooth fell out we laughed like crazy and kept rewinding it and rewatching it.  
Chris Sturgill=175
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)

Interesting the Lakers played the Thunder that night...3/24/2009. 
This was the first season of the Thunder, so there was no team in Seattle anymore. (Seattle is important to what I've been documenting). This was also Ron Artest's only season in Houston coming from the Kings(Isaiah Thomas). 
Ron Artest=113(reverse)
Utah Jazz=113
113 a big number connected to NASA. 
2009 was also the year the Lakers won the Finals beating the Orlando Magic. (the team Houston beat in 95')
I keep documenting how the Lakers are important to whatever the plan is for the Rockets. 

I rarely see Sturgill anymore, but I hung out with him just last night. I even told him about a bunch of this stuff and all of these weird occurrences. He's a huge Washington Wizards fan, and now we get the story of a missing tooth in the Wizards game?
The Artest game was on 3/24/2009. 
I never noticed before either but most people call me "Beartrap". 
Chris Sturgill=67, 175....also 176(reverse) 95(H)
Daniel Behrendt=67, 121
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95, 176
Dan Behrendt=95
Best Friend=168(reverse)
Missing Tooth=168(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Death of my Best Friends Brother-Saturn
Youtube takes down Gold Slipper Banner-Houston-Saturn
In the months before the Super Bowl in Houston, I kept noticing a bunch of Houston connections in the media and my own life. 
For example Chris' brother died on 5/11 in a Saturn(car) and it was the same car we took to my first ever Michigan football game. Michigan beat Houston 50-3. 

It's crazy I only have about 5 or 6 of these non posted blog posts, but info in them keeps coming up. 
I didn't post this one as I didn't know the exact details of the story of what I was told, but it was interesting to say the least. 
I had planned on explaining it in a video as a lot of this is easier to say than to type up but anyway. 

In this post on 2/18 I was talking about how my best friend(Chris) came over after the bar closed. We started talking about my uncle Barney and I asked him why he didn't come to the funeral. Anyway later in the night he goes on to tell me about how my Cousin Wario(Chris Houston) had called him and talked about Barney. Wario said that just before Barney got in a wreck he had called either his wife or Wario's Mom(my aunt) to make sure that me, Wario and Sturgill were ok. Then went on to say he feels bad for being so hard on us for partying and what not. Now if that's true, doesn't that seem a little odd? I mean he then gets in a wreck 5 miles off the main hwy only to die the next day. 
Chris Sturgill
Chris Houston....HOUSTON...
Barney Murphy=158(reverse)
Barney dies 175 days after his bday just before getting on Hwy 175 at Odebolt, Iowa....where the Falcons play. 
This stuff is hard to explain but remember my mom told me the wrong spelling of Barney's name? She said it was "Allen" when it's "Alan"....Kirk's middle name was Allen and Timmy's middle name was Allen. I just noticed the other day that lately I've been wearing a hat that says "Allen" on it. I just found a random hat I could wear at my parents house to keep my hair out of my eyes. 
Allen was also connected to the death of Kurt Cobain that was significant in my Uncles death. (Allen killed Kurt)
Chris Alan=158(reverse)
We also had the Death of "Alan" Thicke that was connected to Kirk Cameron and a lot more. 
My post shows him with the Kings(Hockey). Isaiah Thomas' sister in King County. 
Old Post on Toyota Camry-Crown
Weird I even posted about Toyota Camry's on 1/11. In the post I mention Carl Sagan who died in Seattle. 
Also Camry means "Crown". 
I even mention in the post I wanted to document it as it might come up in a later date...Ha and it did. 

The Celtics even beat the Wizards on 1/11... the same day I made the post about Toyota Camry's. 

The Wizards score 111 points tonight too. 1/11...111
Isaiah Thomas=123 The Celtics score 123. 

There's a big narrative that is connected to the KINGS. Possibly for Lebron King James? 
Bill Russell the coach of the Kings/Sonics/Celtics. 
Oscar Robertson who Russell Westbrook surpassed in season Triple Doubles played for the Cincinnati Royals who turned into the Kings. 
Kenny Smith drafted to the Kings. 
In the college tournament Rhode Island played well and they brought up Bobby Hurley who played for the Kings. His brother is the coach of Rhode Island. 
The KING of Rock and Roll died this year on 3/18...Chuck Berry. 
He was signed with Chess Records which is where Rocket 88 came from. It is considered the first Rock and Roll Album. 
I really need to watch that film "The Fisher King". I've been thinking since the death of Carrie Fisher there is something important in it. Terry Gilliam stuff has been connected to a lot in the past year. 
Terry Gilliam=175(reverse)

My best friends favorite NBA team is the Wizards/Bullets because we loved Michigan as kids. Chris Webber and Juwan Howard both played there...Chris Webber was from Washington to the Kings.
Chris Webber from Detroit where the Pistons play...Isaiah Thomas getting his name from Isiah Thomas.
 Jimmy KING....
Michigan connected to the Space Theme. 
It's just ridiculous how it's all interrelated. 

Isiah Thomas=175
Isaiah Thomas=175(Francis Bacon)

Interesting Isaiah Thomas loses his tooth on Isiah Thomas' 56th bday.  
Detroit Pistons=203 and 175(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203 and 175(reverse)

Isaih Thomas made the 1980 US Men's Olympic Team but it was during the Olympic boycott. 
Think about this in regards to the 2 "Miracle" actors who just died. 
Soviet Union..United States...Space Race. 
Space Race=35

The 1980 Olympics had 203 events. 

Another thing that I find interesting in regards to the Kings and my own life...On Saturday I had to train a new girl at work. She told me that my 15 year old cousin who also works there said he was Gay the night before. I never would have thought that lol. I've been trying to figure out if he really is or not or if he was just joking about it. She seemed pretty serious that he said that, and his family doesn't know. I was just amazed I guess. So who knows if he is or not. 
The reason I bring it up in regards to the Kings is because when they picked up Rudy Gay I remember making jokes about it. Jason Collins the first gay player came out on 4/29/13 and then on 12/9/13 the Kings one upped them by adding Rudy Gay giving them Gay-Cousins.
Rudy Gay drafted by Houston. 
Jason Collins drafted by Houston. 

Jason Collins came out as Gay in 2013 when he was with the Washington Wizards. He was traded to the Wizards earlier that year from the Boston Celtics. You can't make this stuff up lol. 
Cousin's first game after being traded to the Pelicans was a loss to Houston. 

Cousins traded with Omri Casspi who played with the Kings then Cavs then Houston the back to the Kings. 

I'm curious to see if we get a big story in regards to this SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket launch today on 5/1. It will be the 33rd Falcon 9 rocket launched. The Rockets also play game 1 against the Spurs tonight. 
5/1 to 6/1(NBA Finals) is 31 days. 

So anyway back to the original article about Isaiah losing his tooth. 
Avery Bradley brings up Rodney Stuckey who's from Seattle and plays with a missing tooth. 
Rodney Stuckey=166
Isaiah Jamar Thomas=166
Avery Bradley Jr=166

Stuckey turned 31 on the 111th day this year. 
He played with the Pistons. 

Moses Malone=166(reverse)
He played for the Rockets when they lost to the Celtics in the 1981 NBA Finals. 
1980-81 was the 35th season of the NBA. 

Noting an interesting thing I found here. 
The first 3 pointer made in the NBA was by Boston Celtic Chris Ford against the Rockets on 10/12..79
He was born on 1/11. 


  1. Seems like it's all about 119's
    "Isaiah Thomas" = 119 (ALW Kabbalah)
    "Isaiah Jamar Thomas" = 1109 (Jewish)
    "Isaiah Jamar Thomas" = 113 (Reverse Reduction), matching "Michael Jordan" & "Kobe Bryant"

    Even "Isiah Lord Thomas" = 171 (English Ordinal), 171st Prime = 1019

    In WWE last night, Jeff Hardy got legitimately kicked in the face and lost a tooth during his match.
    "Jeff Hardy" = 1110 (Jewish), like the Wizards scoring 111 points.

    To me, this strange synchronicity represents the "Organic" side of the Matrix.

    Me = Gematrinator by the way

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