Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kings Crown Oranges in my Kitchen after I post more about King symbolism

I just got done posting yet another post in regards to the KING symbolism and I go to the kitchen to see this next to the trashcan. 
I went in to cook some Ramen Noodles and when throwing away the plastic cover I see this sitting by the trash. 
Jasmine must've got some oranges for Claire. Pretty strange as we hardly ever buy Oranges and I've never seen them come in a box like this if we do. lol amazing stuff. 
Ramen Noodles=54(reduced) and 135(simple)
Gabriel=54(simple) and 135(reverse)
It's after midnight now too so it's May 4th or 5/4. 

Kings Crown=52, 133 and 56, 137(reverse)
These are numbers connected to "President", "Whitehouse" and "Government" as well. 
137 the 33rd prime. 

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