Friday, May 26, 2017

Air Force investigates incident involving John Glenn's Remains

John Glenn's Remains=91(red rev)
Space=91=Rockets=Flat Earth
Dover Air Force Base=166
Defense Department Inspectors=312
Air Force Investigates Incident Involving John Glenn's Remains=312(red rev)
Three Hundred Twelve=91

312 a number in regards to Pope Francis/Jesuits as well. 
Rockets Nene out for Playoffs-Pope Francis 312

It's really funny as I'm typing up this post, the film "She's out of My League" is on TV. Earlier I was reading Brother Berg's post that involves the Pittsburgh Penguins(sidney-crosby-mario-lemieux-back-to-back-champion-programming/)
As I was reading this post I looked up at the TV and they are on a date at the Pittsburgh Penguins game. 
Now I'm reading about John Glenn and I see the investigation started on 5/17 or 17/5. Just as I see the May 17th date the main character says he's called his girlfriend 5 times. Then his friend says how many times did you really call her? He then says 17.  

She's out of my league=217.....  Moon walking on 21/7 and so on. 
Three Hundred Twelve=217......NBA Stuff connected to 217/Flat Earth/Columbus, Ohio where John Glenn died. 

It also says this event happened on the week of 2/27. 
Mortuary Employee=227
2/27 the 58th day of the year. 
Freemason=58, 96
He was buried on 4/6...the 96th day of the year. 
DOD=58(reverse) and also 58(Jewish)

Department of Defense=318(reverse)

First reported in "Military Times"=88(red rev)

Today is 88 days after 2/27. 

He also was the first man to orbit the earth on Feb. 20th 1962. 
Orbit the Earth=202(reverse)
He died on 12/8 which was 74 days before Feb. 20th. 
His funeral was on what would've been his 74th wedding anniversary. 
Masonic=74=Jesus=Cross=Independence Day and so on... 

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