Friday, May 26, 2017

Nuclear Power Plant False Alarm in New Jersey 5/23.

False Alarm New Jersey Nuclear Power Plant
Not much that I want to say about this story. I just want to document a false alarm Nuclear Power Plant Emergency that was in New Jersey on 5/23. When talking about the Big Bang Theory I mentioned New Jersey....
Just thinking about some things....

Nuclear Explosion.....Big Bang....?
Nuclear Bombs=523(Jewish)....
Nuclear Bomb=43
New Jersey=43
Nuclear Explosion=203=Houston Rockets

Thinking about the Rockets/Space stuff in regards to Missiles as well. 

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  1. We should look into Wernher von Braun. He died exactly 38 years before the Trump Campaign began. On June 6th it'll be 14,600 days since his death and we've seen how crucial that coding's been lately. Von Braun =46.

    That date's also 722 days after Trump's Campaign began.