Thursday, May 11, 2017

Flip the Script headlines more thoughts on Rockets connections in my life.

Just some interesting headlines on these stories I wanted to point out. 
Flipped the switch. 
Flip the Script. 

It's not just sports either. This article is on CNN Today. I Love Dick Flips Script on Sexual obsession. 

Barkley the Dunked on KING. 
I noticed it was when he was with the Rockets too. 

Turn back time....on 5/11. 
Saturn=511  the Keeper of Time. 

The Rockets are 17-5 at home when facing elimination. Ha.
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)
I've been saying there is a connection to my best friend and more of my life to the Rockets. 
If they lose they will be 17-6. 
Chris Sturgill=175 and 176(reverse)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=176
His brother died 13 years ago today in a Saturn that we took to our first ever Michigan football game. They won 50-3 over Houston. 
Saturn=21, 93
Spurs=21, 93
His brother died when we were both 21 years old. 
That season was also the last time the Super Bowl was held in Houston before this year on 2/1/2004. 
He also died 35 days before the "Detroit Pistons"=175(reverse) beat the "Los Angeles Lakers"=175 in the NBA Finals. 
This was also Lebron's rookie season with his opening game against the Kings. 
This was also the first season the Rockets played in the Toyota Center. 

Thinking about it too, his brother Kirk was hands down the best 3 point shooter I've ever known, just thinking about that in regards to the Rockets game plan. I wish I knew what his favorite sports teams and more about him. Remember my cousin Timmy ran for help. Timmy connected to my uncle/flintstones and a Rockets fan. 

If they win they will be 18-5. 

Funny too that if the Rockets do win tonight then Game 7 will be on May 14th. 
May 14th is 175 days after Chris Sturgill's bday. 

We'll see what happens, I wonder why I have so many personal connections to Houston though? 
I'm thinking about it and I somewhat know 1 person that lives in Houston. It's my good friend Norm's older brother named Josh. Interesting Norm's(his real name is Joel McCall) bday is 7/20...The day we supposedly landed on the moon....I'm also in his wedding this summer that is on 8/5. 
He's a huge Spurs fan. 
I'm pretty sure he's even been to a few Spurs vs Rockets games when visiting but can't remember for sure. The first time he took his girlfriend to a game it was the Pistons game, I think vs the Celtics. 

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