Wednesday, May 10, 2017

South Korea elects MOON Jae-In as President-Dennis Rodman North Korea 2013 NBA Finals

South Korea elects a new president named MOON Jae-in....
Think about this in regards to North Korea.....Rockets....Missiles....Now we have a Moon. 

He takes over after Park Geun-hye was impeached. 
Park Geun-hye=166(reverse)

We got this story yesterday as well. North Korea supposedly trying to electromagnetic pulse strike the US from space. 
In regards to basketball North Korea reminds me of Dennis Rodman being friends with Kim Jong-Un. 
Dennis Rodman wore # 91 with the Bulls. 

Rodman also connected to Detroit Pistons and Isiah Thomas. 
Notice his bday of 5/13 as well. A number I've mentioned a lot for more than a year. Also connected to Gabriel.....Think about Rodman/Gabriel and Androgyny.....
Also played with the Spurs when the Rockets won in 94' and 95'. 

Rodman played 911 career NBA games too. 
World War=114
Kim Jong-Un=114
Pearl Harbor=114

WW III=35(rev red)

According to Swiss records Kim Jong-Un's 33rd bday is 35 days after the NBA Finals begin. 
According to US/Dennis Rodman the Finals are 144 days after his 33rd bday. 

Rodman first went to North Korea on the 57th day of 2013. Then on 5/7 he tweeted Kim Jong-Un should release Kenneth Bae. 
NBA Finals=57
Kenneth Bae=85 and 185(reverse)
Basketball=85 and 185(reverse)

He went to North Korea 114 days before Lebron and the Heat won the NBA Finals in 2013 over the Spurs. 
Lebron James=114

According to Rodman's account Kim Jong-Un was 29 years old when Rodman went there. 
Also Rodman is 22 years old than Kim Jong-Un according to Rodman. 

He went back to North Korea 6 months 8 days after he left for his first trip. 
Dennis Rodman=68(red rev)

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