Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Roger Moore was the only James Bond to go to SPACE-1835 Great Moon Hoax-Neil Armstrong

There's a lot of other stuff in regards to Roger Moore/James Bond dying but a big piece I noticed is the films he played Bond in. 

In regards to how I keep saying there is a Space/Moon theme. Moore was James Bond in the "Moonraker". He even goes to Space in the film and it's the only film in which James Bond goes to space. 
Bond=35 and 175(satanic)
Nasa=35 and 175(satanic)
Space Shuttle=175(reverse)...Moonraker is a space shuttle. 
Also look at the 80's movies he played Bond in....the Director is John Glen......Makes me think of John Glenn the astronaut. 

John Glenn the astronaut died 166 days before Roger Moore. 
Yet again the 166. 

After John Glen directed Bond films he went on to get credits with "Chrisopher Columbus: The Discovery", and "Space Precint". 
I've also been mentioning how Christopher Columbus/Flat earth is in connection to this space theme. 

Moonraker came out on 6/26/79. 
This is interesting as Roger Moore's death connected to the Manchester Bombing at the Ariana Grande concert. 
Ariana Grande also born on 6/26. 
Ariana Grande-Butera=79

When Sean Connery was James Bond(Diamonds are forever), he gets chased through a movie Set Moon scene. This film came out on 12/14/71. It is supposedly a parody of the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was staged. 

Anyway the reason I am posting about Sean Connery is I noticed his birthday is the same day Neil Armstrong died. So Neil Armstrong died age 82 on Sean Connery's 82nd bday. 
Neil Armstrong the first to walk on the Moon died age 82. 
Eugene Cernan the last to walk on the Moon died age 82. 
They died 1,606 days(end date) apart. 
Walk on the Moon=166
Walked on the Moon=175
First Moonwalker=82(reduced)
Last Moonwalker=82(red reverse)

I also want to point out that when I first really started talking about 513 that is interrelated to 166 it was after Youtube gave my Prince video a copyright claim. It was about the Simpsons episode that Kills Prince/Neil Armstrong/George Clooney. Prince died on the night of a Full Moon age 57. 
Moon=57 and so on. 
I wonder if part of the Roseanne stuff I mentioned in a previous post also has to do with George Clooney?

If you look up August 25th you also find that there is something called the "Great Moon Hoax" in 1835. A series of articles beginning on 8/25/1835 in The Sun newspaper about the supposed discovery of life on the Moon.  
Now think about this for a second lol.....The first guy to walk on the Moon dies on this same day 177 years later. A big conspiracy theory saying that he didn't walk on the moon(Hoax). 
In regards to June 26th's the 177th day of the year. 

The articles talk about the discoveries of Sir John Herschel? 

John Glenn the astronauts name is "John Herschel Glenn". 

The Author of the article was Richard Adams Locke who admitted to it in a letter for the Paper "New World". Other rumors of the author included Lewis Gaylord Clark, the editor of The Knickerbocker.   
Washington Irving was among the people responsible for Columbus believing the earth was Flat. (New World) Irving got famous because of his "Hoax" article about missing person "Diedrich Knickerbocker". 
Lewis Clark....reminds us of another group of explorers as well. 


  1. All the 82s with the Moon Landing and that Great Moon Hoax was advertised exactly 182 years before the Solar Eclipse. Also do you not read my blog either?? I've posted huge finds several times on Zach's and no reply or shared discoveries. I'd think that you'd be all over this one too:

    Kurt Cobain was born exactly 5 years after Glenn made the first orbit of earth and Chris Cornell was born exactly 5 years before the first Moon Landing. Both men from the home of the Space Needle.

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration =261. Cobain was born exactly 261 weeks after the historic orbit & Cornell was born exactly 261 weeks before the historic landing. Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old for the Moon Landing & Donald Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Great American Eclipse, which is 1261 days after the disappearance of MH-370. Roger Ailes was 20,601 days old when he founded Fox, Tupac was shot 26 weeks 1 day before Biggie died, and Martin Luther King died exactly 261 weeks before the Twin Towers opened. The United States of America =261.

    Kurt Cobain =126 died 126 weeks before Tupac and 1206 weeks before Chris Cornell who died 1 year 26 days after Prince. You're Fired =126.

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666. Moon Hoax =666. Fake Moon Landing =666. Illusion =666. There were 6 years 6 months 6 days between Soundgarden's first televised comeback and Cornell's death and Cobain's body was discovered 9909 days after he was born.


    1. Great Moon Hoax =66. It was exactly 6600 weeks before Glenn's orbit.

      Great Moon Hoax =722, 1182 for that 182 year span and all the pi sequences I've showed connected to NASA. Glenn =227, read my blog for more - and yo feel free to use my work man, it's the creative commons for the team. It's just really weird to me how all these huge discoveries aren't getting shared by anyone. What's up with that?

    2. Hey man I'm truly sorry, but I haven't looked at it since the original Chris Cornell Post. I really wish I would've now after reading a bunch of them just now. I've missed a bunch of stuff not just yours lately. I haven't even read all of Zach's posts lately, only the ones that drew my attention. I didn't even see Cortez Kennedy dying or else I would've posted about Hernan Cortes..the new world/flat earth. I even saw flat earth videos a while back about Kennedy supposedly being assassinated because of the flat earth. I will keep up on it though as much as I can and my blog/videos/info are the same. If I get a chance to make another video in the next few days I'll give ya shoutout and show some of what you have, it's a lot of great stuff and much appreciated.

    3. No worries at all brother, thank you. Cortez is perfect with the Mayan / Pi-Cycle angle too. Hernando Cortes =1314/169. Kennedy & Moore died 1619 days after 12/21/12.

      1619 is the 256th prime (Government Conspiracy =256. Elite World Government =256. The All-Seeing Eye =256.) And 619 is the 114th. Seattle Seahawks =1014. Commander James Bond =1014. Apollo Mission =1014. Great American Eclipse =1104 is exactly 114 weeks after the Trump campaign began. President Donald John Trump =114.

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