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Death of Gregg Allman-Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash-Free Bird-Deadsy The Key to Gramercy Park

First thing I find interesting about Gregg Allman dying is his bday of 12/8. 
There seems to be some importance with that date as John Glenn died that day, also it's Nicki Minaj's bday.(Bang Bang-Manchester)
December Eighth=112
Another thought in regards to this is the spelling of the names...

We also have Duane Allman who died in a motorcycle crash on 10/29/71 age 24. Then 1 year 13 days later the bass player Berry Oakley dies in a motorcycle crash in the same town also age 24. 
Oakley=24, 69 

Now in 2017 we have drummer Butch Trucks die age 69 on the 24th day of 2017.(1/24/17) Then we get the death of Gregg Allman 123 days later also age 69. 
The astrological symbol for cancer is 69. 
Twenty Four=49(reduced)
Sixty Nine=49(rev reduced)
Death of Butch Trucks-Matt MOORE-Mary Tyler MOORE
How funny my post about Butch Trucks even involved a Moore theme....I'm sure there is a James Bond(Roger Moore) riddle in connection to the deaths of these Allman brothers. 

In the previous post I also mentioned the song Free bird being a tribute to Duane Allman and Berry Oakley who died age 24. 
Look at that Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines die in a plane crash that had 24 passengers. 
Convair-CV 240....
Airplanes....Birds....It's a bird, it's a plane...

The tribute was announced on The Old Grey Whistle Test which was a British Music show. (James Bond)
Also for some reason I am reminded of Joe Dirt 2, where he meets Lynyrd Skynyrd before they were famous and then realizes he knows they are going to die. Also the Wizard of Oz has been connected to the recent interrelated events and Joe Dirt 2 does a trailer type parody of the Wizard of Oz. 
Notice too the performance on The Old Grey Whistle Test was on the 3rd anniversary of Berry Oakley dying. 11/11/75. 
Free Bird=49
Twenty Four=49
Sixty Nine=49

Ronnie Van Zant=173
Plane Crash=173(reverse)
Ronnie Van Zant was exactly 1 year 7 months 30 days older than Steve Gaines who died with him. 
Steve Gaines=126

Steve's sister "Cassie LaRue Gaines"=69 also died in that plane crash. Notice it says their mother with the same name died a few years later in a car crash by where they were buried. 

Their mother "Cassie LaRue Gaines"=69 died exactly 69 weeks after they did on 10/20/1977. 

I wouldn't doubt if we get the death of Johnny Van Zant next year. 
Southern Rock=59
He was born in 59' and next year will be 59 years old. 
Johnny Van Zant=59(reverse)
Interesting though his name "Johnny Van Zant"=58(reduced) and he was born on the 58th day of the year and is currently 58 years old. 
John Roy Van Zant=203 and 175(reverse) which is interesting in regards to all the Rockets stuff I've mentioned. 
Houston Rockets=203 and 175(reverse)
Plane wreck in 77'.....Seventy Seven"=175

Interesting in my previous post I mentioned the significance of "Free Bird" as I was talking a lot about the Atlanta Falcons...
Lynyrd Skynyrd=70

Lynyrd Skynyrd supposedly named after their gym teacher Forby Leonard Skinner. 
Forby Leonard Skinner=1012(Jewish)
If you go back and look at the stuff I was talking about in regards to the Superbowl and the connections to the Falcons/Dolphins a bunch of it was about 1012.-(Aleister Crowley's bday-Christopher Columbus discovered america on 10/12-my dead grandpa born on 10/12-God removes 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel-318 days sometimes 10 months 12 days-Book of Daniel 10:12-Dan Marino Simpson's episode was season 10 episode 12 aired on same day Falcons lost SB 33...much more I can't remember off the top of my head. 

Leonard Skinner=69
They changed the band name mocking him in 1969. 
He died age 77...the day that leaves 102 days in the year. The plane crash happened on 10/20 of the year 77'. 
Crashed in "Mississippi"=77(rev red)

The Cnn article also gives us a tweet from Cher. I'm sure there is a riddle here in regards to their son Elijah. He's in the band Deadsy. 

I used to love Deadsy for some reason and this song in particular.  haha never noticed all the symbolism in the video years ago. 
Youtube Link to The Key to Gramercy Park
The Key to Gramercy Park Lyrics
I always wondered what the meaning of this song really was. I still do not know what this song is about, but some of the stuff he is talking about in the song is interesting looking at it now. 
Face White Revenge of the Hittites? 

Look at that 18 Gramercy Park owned by the Houston Rockets owner. He has a key to Gramercy Park. 

Gonna look more at this later tonight hopefully. A lot of interrelated stories yet again and I barely even looked into the actual topic of what Gregg Allman dying yet. 

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