Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jim Parsons gets married-The Big Bang Theory-Old videos-Houston-166-New Jersey

Interesting I just posted about Kevin Garnett-Moses Malone in regards to 12 and 21. Now I see this article about Jim Parsons/Sheldon Cooper getting Married in real life to his gay boyfriend. 
My girlfriend and I just watched the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory earlier tonight. It came out on 5/11 but I hadn't watched it until tonight. Sheldon proposes to Amy on this episode lol and now we are getting a story of him getting married in real life? 
The reason 12 and 21 are funny is because Sheldon always wears the 73 shirt and in one episode even explains that 12 and 21 have a significance to 37 and 73.  12th prime is 37 and 21st prime is 73. 
I actually have 2 videos about the Big Bang from a long time ago..one of them about was season 5 episode 16...The other was about the 73rd episode and I randomly put it out on 12/1.(12, 21) Also how interesting I would see this article on May 16th or 5/16. They were married on Sunday May 13th but the story wasn't on CNN until May 15th. 
Big Bang Theory video 12/1/14
Big Bang Theory video 5/16/15

Seventy Three=166
The Big Bang Theory=166
Married on "May Thirteenth"=166

Sheldon tells why 73 is the best number in the 73rd episode of Big Bang. 
Leonard even says we get it 73 is the "Chuck Norris" of numbers. 
Chuck Norris=158(reverse)
Seventy Three=158(reverse)
Sheldon makes it a big deal in regards to the numbers being mirrored(reversed) and 73 and Chuck Norris have the same reverse gematria. 
The latest episode in which Sheldon gets married is the 231st episode....which means it was 158 episodes after the 73rd episode. 

This is the only show my girlfriend and I actually watch together that we both like. I didn't originally like it, but it grew on me after a while. I mean we watch other stuff once in a while, but this is the only show we both watch and keep up on together every week.  
Remember her favorite show is also "Supernatural"=166

Jim Parson's from HOUSTON even. I mean seriously. 
Alma Matter at Houston and San Diego.....
The Rockets originally from San Diego and moved to Houston. 
Sheldon=31 and 112(reverse)
Houston=31, 112
Fourteen=112(reverse)...He got married after 14 years. 
He was born in 73'. 
Jim Parsons=44 and he is 44 years old. 
The lastest Big Bang episode came out on 5/11....the same day Houston lost to the Spurs. 
37, 73, 112 Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1

Above is an interesting link that I need to read over again and check for myself, but there is seemingly a lot of great info. 
The Hebrew Gematria of Genesis 1:1 is supposedly 2701 which is the 73rd triangular number, and if you add the Gematria of "John 1:1 and Genesis 1:1 you get 6328 which is the 112th triangular number. 
Also 37X73=2701
Think about that in regards to 112(Houston). 
Both begin with "In the Beginning"......The Big Bang Theory. 
Genesis One=112  also 158(reverse)...Seventy Three..Chuck Norris
John One=326(satanic)

Funny how in the comments on the 12/1/14 video above I even brought up Apollo 8(space). It was the first crewed mission to Orbit the Moon....It launched on 12/21/68. 
Apollo Eight=57
Anyway on 12/24/68 they also read Genesis 1-10 while they were orbiting the Moon. 

On this new episode Sheldon flies from LAX to New Jersey where Amy is to propose to her. Just reminds me of the New Jersey plane crash story we also got today. I really need to go to bed, but I'm positive it's probably connected. Plus in regards to Kevin Garnett, he played with the Nets(New Jersey) before going back to Minnesota. 

Jim Parsons even in a movie called "Garden State" which is New Jersey. This movie about a guy who flies back from Los Angeles to New Jersey to attend a funeral. 
Funny just last night I watched the South Park about New Jersey people. 
New Jersey......reminds me of the Lakers/Spurs/Jay Z.. 

I really need to sleep as it's 7am, but for sure wanna look more at this when I get up. 

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