Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weird Comment and 923 on Espn headline with Lebron James

I had a comment on an old video earlier and I figured I would check it out. I honestly have no idea what the original person is talking about as it doesn't pertain to anything I was talking about in the video.

Anyway I noticed it came out on November 5th. I showed a lot of connections to Donald Trump and then said I still think Clinton will win.
Dan Shannon=166(reverse)
Reverse Gematria=166
This video was right around the time everything seemed to be reversed. 

The next thing I did after reading this post was go to 
This is the current front page when you go there. 
Notice front and center is 9 and 23 with Lebron James and Serge Ibaka. Also in between them you can see Section 115. 
Remember Lebron James shot 9 of 23 on November 5th this year. It's the main reason why I originally thought the Cavs would win the NBA Finals.  
Lebron James=923(Jewish)

I just noticed the total score of his 9 of 23 game was 203. 
Houston Rockets=203
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

Funny too how Ibaka was drafted to the Seattle Supersonics as well. 

So I'm interested to see what happens this year. Should I stick to my original thoughts on the Cavs winning? Or since I've been showing so many Rockets connections stay the course on them even though it seems like it won't happen? Just like Trump being president over Clinton. 

While I'm sitting here might as well add some other stuff I noticed. 
A big deal in regards to the Rockets losing is "Swagger". 
35 an important number I've been talking about in regards to this. 

Plus this is a headline story on CNN today.
More Space theme...
A SONIC Boom...

I also noticed Kawhi Leonard played college at San Diego State. 
We had the San Diego Pool Shooting. 
Now we got a story about a kid in San Diego killed by a BB Gun. 


  1. I see section 114. Assassin.
    Iblocka 9 front and center. May 9 the 110 days in office. 911 Trump towers 110 floors high. And when Parker missed a game gasol tweeted we will miss you number 9. Is the Trump wall falling down this day?
    Or Jersey 24=6, 9's are sixes. And cavs have 6 points. 114 assassin on 6660 days after spin city - back to the future 4 is may 18th trumps 119 days in office.


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  6. Jersey 2+4=6, Iblocka 9, cavs 6. =696.
    Enough is enough = 696.
    Donald John trump = 1110.
    The movie the walk sept. 30 - may 10 = 223 days and is the 111 day of presidency.