Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rockets Nene out for playoffs-Pope Francis-Jesuits connection to NBA 175-Space-Flat Earth

So Nene out for rest of playoffs with his Fake groin Injury. I mean seriously lol without numbers it's so obvious he wasn't even hurt. 
Groin Injury=70
With Nene being # 42 I wonder if one of the teams is going to win the series 4-2? 

In regards to today's game on 5/9 I noticed a few things. 
Houston Rockets=59
If the Rockets win they will get their 62nd Win of the season. 
San Antonio Spurs=62

I just found a new one too. 
Houston Rockets=203
Gregg Popovich=203(reverse)
Kawhi Leonard=203(reverse)

The Rockets have never lost a series to the Spurs in the playoffs. Also the last 2 times they played each other in the playoffs, the Rockets went to the NBA Finals. 
Although if they lose this year it will make them 3-1 in series' against the Spurs. 

The NBA Finals begin 166 days after Pope Francis' 80th bday. 

Another thing I was thinking about in regards to all of the "35" stuff.....
Kevin Durant...all the 35...Mike Brown born on 3/5. 
King James=35
I was thinking about Patrick Beverley's grandfather dying in Chicago the same day the Cubs lost to the Yankees in 18 innings. 
Chicago=35(rev red)
Pope Francis=145(reverse)
Chicago Illinois=145
Chicago Cubs=91 Just won the 112th World Series on 11/2. 
Flat Earth=91
Spurs=91(rev red)

New York Yankees=191
Society of Jesus=191
San Antonio Texas=191

The Anniversary of the Jesuits is 8 months 5 days before the NBA Finals begin. 

Notice also it's 3 months 26 days before the anniversary too. 
326 the Gabriel connection. 
Remember my Gabe Rygaard video keeps getting trolled and I put it out on 9/27/2016. 
Gabriel Martin Rygaard=203

Pope Francis=58, 175(reverse) and 59, 122. 
Houston Rockets=175(reverse) and 59
Golden State=175(reverse) and 122
Maybyner Hilario=175(Nene's real name)
John Glenn died 175 days before the NBA Finals begin. 
John Glenn died in COLUMBUS, Ohio....named after Christopher Columbus.....Flat Earth...New World....NBA...Catholic Church. 

Los Angeles Lakers=175
Phoenix Arizona=203 and 175(reverse)....Mesa Arizona=122 and 175(reverse). -Rockets and Warriors. 
Chris Sturgill=175....Chris Houston....see my previous posts 175 is really important. 
Space Theme=175(reverse) 

Francis Xavier died on December 3rd or 3/12. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse) also 111
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312(reverse) also 1114(satanic) and 111. 
This year will be the 477th year of the Jesuits. 
The Rockets played the Cavaliers 2 times in the regular season....on 11/1 and 3/12. 
The NBA Finals=48, 111
Nene signed with the Rockets on 7/20(moon landing) which was 3 months 12 days before 11/1. 
11/1 to 3/12 is 131 days. 
7/20 to 3/12 is 7 months 20 days. 
3/12 to the beginning of the Finals is 4 months 8 days.
Kyrie Andrew Irving=104 and the story about the Flat Earth came 104 days before the Finals on the 48th day of the year. 

Also interesting in regards to reverse....
The NBA Finals=213(reverse) which is the reverse of 312. 
Three Hundred Twelve=91

I talked about a lot of what I just posted in the above link. 
Interesting how it goes back to Pope Francis yet again. Every year for the last 3 years I've noticed how it all goes back to the Royal Family and him. 

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  1. Tho off topic, its interesting to see all the numbers pointing to Houston..at least making it to the Finals and maybe beating Golden State....But their are seemingly so many numbers that pointed to various other losing teams like the Steelers, Packers, even Miami, and of course Colts/Giants/Vikings....and their were also things pointing to Atlanta/Pats, Cubs, Cleveland last yr that came through....I wish I could use this info for betting but its too deep! Great work tho, I enjoy reading this stuff!