Saturday, May 20, 2017

Enes Kanter held in Romanian Airport-Turkey-Thanksgiving and other thoughts

Enes Kanter being held in a Romanian Airport because they cancelled his passport by Turkish embassy. 
Turkey=35(red rev)
King James=35
Kevin Durant # 35 and a lot more. 
Kanter's team the Thunder lost to the Rockets in the playoffs this year. 
There's a lot of 35 going on in media stories right now. 
Chelsea Manning even got out after being sentenced to 35 years. 

Enes Kanter=112
They tell us how he and the Thunder lost to the Rockets. 

Free Enes=112(e)

So his team the Thunder were knocked out of the playoffs by the Rockets on April 25th.
Notice the Wiki picture too lol. It's him playing against the Rockets when he was with the Jazz. 
So he was knocked out of the playoffs 25 days before his 25th bday. 

He even was originally supposed to play college for the Washington Huskies(Isaiah Thomas stuff). 
Then signed with Kentucky and wasn't allowed to play for receiving $33,000. 

Remember in regards to Turkey...
Their republic established on 10/29/1923
This was 93 years ago until this year....Also note it's anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. 
Turkey also the first to declare Isis a terrorist group on 5/11/13. 
Saturn=93 and 511(Jewish)
After the Turkey coup they were trying to blame it on Fethullah Gulen who was living in Pennsylvania. 
Fethullah Gulen=152
NBA Finals begin on 152nd day this year. 

I'm thinking there is a link to the death of Florence Henderson on Thanksgiving(Turkey Day). Remember Alice..."Ann Bradford Davis"=152 and she died in San Antonio on 6/1/14. (The 152nd day) just before the Spurs won the NBA Finals. 
Alice=21=Spurs and so on. 
Spurs=21, 93
Death of Florence Henderson-Ann B Davis-Patriots Tom Brady
Bundchen=35=Tom Brady
Gisele also born on 7/20-Apollo 11 moon landing. 
CNN Giselle Bundchen Story 5/19/17

In 2015 we got the story of Turkey shooting down the Russian Jet just days before Thanksgiving and then we also had Obama Pardon the turkeys named Honest and Abe. A lot of stuff in the media currently with Russia so just trying to piece it together in my head. 
Thanksgiving=141=World War III

I've been mentioning how it seems my girlfriend has been shown a lot in the mix. Her  25th bday is 175 days after the NBA Finals begin which is 11/23. Thanksgiving falls on her bday this year. 
Jasmine Cowgill=152
Kanter 25 days before 25th bday. He used to play with the JAZZ which my girlfriend is called a lot. 
If you notice above he also verbally committed with the Washington Huskies on 11/23. 
Isaiah Thomas' sister dies in a car that looks like the car my girlfriend drives and he lost the same tooth she is missing. 

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