Monday, May 22, 2017

Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert-Gabriel-Kabbalah and more..Also side note Carl Carlton

Before I even look at this story I want to note something. Interesting in the article above the AD says 3.12% which reminds me of Satanic Gematria(also Pope Francis/Jesuit stuff)...."Satanic"=312(satanic)
Ariana Grande=513(satanic) also 57, 93
Angel Gabriel=513(satanic) also 57, 93
Angel Gabriel-Virgin Mary 3/26, 5/13, 9/8
Remember this number(513) I have repeatedly said has been connected to Gabriel and happenings in my life. 
Ariana Grande-Butera=326(reverse)
Remember  326 also a number connected to Gabriel. 3/26 is the Synaxis of Gabriel. 
When I first think of her, I think of the song "Problem"=326(satanic)

Notice 3/26 to May 22 is 57 days. 
Ariana Grande=57

Of course another celeb that studies Kabbalah. It's just interesting as I just have been mentioning Kabbalah and now I'm seeing stories in which Celebs Wiki pages say they practice it. 
Kabbalah=318(satanic)....The God Number. 
She abandoned Catholicism because of Pope Benedict XVI and his stance on Gays.....She was born on 6/26...the day Gay Marriage was legalized. 

Nice in regards to all of the KING symbolism as of late too...Nicki Minaj calls the UK... The Kingdom. 
Nicki Minaj=93
Nicki Minaj's real name is "Onika Maraj"=93
Just thinking about the Bomb in regards to their song "Bang Bang" too. 
Prince Charles bday 11/14 the 318th day....Princess Diana dies on 31/8. 

May 22nd also leaves 223 days in the year. 
The Synagogue of Satan=223

This story comes 35 days before Ariana's bday on 6/26. This has to be an NBA Tribute. 6/26 is also the day of the NBA Awards. 
Also all of the 35 tribute stuff in regards to the NBA. 
Ariana and Nicki Minaj were even the Halftime show of the 2015 NBA All Star game. 

Her debut studio album released on 9/3? 
Ariana Grande=93 
She was born in 93'. 
Onika Maraj=93(Nicki Minaj)

3/26 to her Ariana's bday is 93 days (end date)

Manchester Arena Broke Ground in 93' as well. 


Ariana's latest album was supposed to be titled "Moonlight" but they changed it to Dangerous Woman. 
Also track 1 is called Moonlight. Just thinking in regards to the space stuff I've mentioned...possibly nothing but worth noting. Her album with "Problem" on it came out on the same day Neil Armstrong died..8/25. 
Chevy Equinox Commercial
As I was waiting for the CNN video to load it played the above commercial about the Chevy Equinox. Interesting in regards to Space..yada yada. What I found the most interesting is at the end a guy says, "She's a bad Mama Jama". 

I've recently been obsessed with this song. It's been in my head like crazy. I've even been singing it in public when I'm with my girlfriend cause I know it annoys her lol. 
It's been in my head so much, I even looked up Carl Carlton about a week ago. 
She's a Bad Mama Jama=40, 112
Houston=40, 112

Carlton is from Detroit but moved to Houston, Texas. 
It's just funny as I talked about the connection between these more than once in previous posts. Then we got the Death of Chris Cornell in Detroit as well. 

I keep seeing a bunch of articles that mention there were 2 Loud Bangs. Lol think about this in regards to Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande. They have the song "Bang Bang". 
Also featuring English singer "Jessie J"=112
Bang Bang=168(reverse)
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

This attack comes 6 months 8 days after Prince Charles' 68th bday. 
Prince Charles=68
This comes just days before "Donald John Trump"=68 meets "Pope Francis"=68
Sixty Eight=146=United Kingdom=Prince of Wales

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