Thursday, May 4, 2017

Isaiah Thomas' missing tooth-Toyota Camry connection to my girlfriend-Tony Parker's Injury More Washington KING Symbolism

I'm sitting here watching Rockets vs Spurs game and listening to the Gematria effect. Some guy called in and talked about how he was researching Isaiah Thomas and he just lost a tooth. 
It sparked my brain a bit and I just realized a few months back my girlfriend lost a tooth as well. It was the exact tooth that Isaiah Thomas lost too. 
The front left tooth....
The reason this is so bizarre is my girlfriend is also the one who drives my Toyota Camry. I rarely drive it, it's in my name but it's basically her car. So she lost the same tooth as Isaiah Thomas and drives a car that looks a lot like the car his sister died in. 
Talk about a story I'm supposed to see. 
Missing Tooth=156(reverse)
Toyota Camry=156
Boston Celtics=156
Chyna died 156 days after my birthday. 
She dies 2 months 8 days after Isaiah's 28th bday. 
Twenty Eight=156

Jasmine Cowgill=62, 152...also 82 and 226(reverse)
The NBA Finals begin on the 152nd day of the year this year. 

Interesting her bday is 175 days after the NBA Finals begin. 

Another thing I was thinking about in regards to Isaiah Thomas is that his nickname is "The King in the Fourth". This reminds me of the 4th King in the Book of Daniel. The Fourth King is wealthier than all of the rest, and stirs the people up against Greece. Reminds us a lot of Trump. He's also the King in the North.  
Isaiah Thomas' nickname is a play on the "The King in the North" on Game of Thrones. 

On one of the commercials during the game tonight they advertised this "King Arthur" movie. It even said "King Vs King". 
Thomas vs Lebron? Who else is a King? 
Last year we had the death of Prince....are we getting the death of King this year? 
King Charles=53
King Charles III=91(reverse reduced)
Think about....Queen Elizabeth II is currently 91 years old. If she dies Prince Charles will become King Charles III most likely. 
San Antonio Spurs=91(reduced reverse)
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
The NBA Finals begins 1 month 11 days after the Queen's 91st bday on the 111th day of the year. 
San Antonio=41   also 421(Jewish)
The NBA Finals=111

The finals also being 3 months 26 days after her 65th anniversary being queen. 
326 the number in regards to Gabriel. 

They also begin 166 days before Prince Charles 69th bday. 
The reason I'm doing the Calendar this way is because it seems to be the REVERSE way of date checking. Regardless it's interesting. 
5 months 13 days...."Angel Gabriel"=513
Angel Gabriel=57, 93
Charles III=57, 93
NBA Finals=57(reverse reduced)

There's even a rap song on the commercials that says, "The Kings in the building". 
The song is called Elvis by "Chancellor Warhol". 
Chancellor Warhol=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

He has some interesting songs as well. 
Trust Me 91'.....
King Solomon....on the album "Until the Light Takes Me". 

Tony Parker even injures his knee tonight. Go watch that clip. He falls on his right leg and somehow he injures his left leg? It really makes no sense. 
Notice Parker's bday of 17/5. 
Houston Rockets=175
Tony Parker=53
Ninety Seven=53...Spurs were leading 97-83. 
He gets injured on 5/3. 

After Parker got injured the announcers were talking about this guy who is the 3rd string PG, and how he might have to step up and play. They let us know he played college at Washington...He's from Seattle. Isaiah Thomas played for Washington as well. 
Notice he is # 5. 
Chyna Thomas dies on I-5. 
The News channel is King-5. 
Parker injured in the 4th....reminds me of Isaiah Thomas King of the 4th too. 

He was the 29th pick in the draft. 
Think about all the 29 stuff in regards to Isaiah Thomas. 
My girlfriends bday also on the 29th day of the NBA season.

Not necessarily connected as I don't like making up phrases but I found it interesting that....
Left Knee Injury=175 and 203(reverse)
William Parker=203(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203 and 175(reverse)

King=22, and 67(reverse)

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