Tuesday, May 2, 2017

San Diego Birthday Party Shooting-More San Diego/Houston Rockets history-Space

A San Diego Pool Party Shooting? 
Is this a tribute to the Rockets? 
The Rockets were originally the San Diego Rockets. 
I just posted a bit about my cousin Chris Houston last night and thinking about it now, he also lives in San Diego(Ocean Beach). 

San Diego=142(reverse)
Peter Selis=142(reverse)
Forty Two=142

La Jolla Crossroads=112(reverse reduced)
Birthday Party Shooting=112

Demetrius Griffin the main witness in the story. They mention he's from the Seattle area. It says he's from Tacoma...and lives in San Diego. 
(See previous posts)
Bellarmine Prep is of course a Jesuit school. 

A few more pics to show it's the same guy. 

He seemingly knows Keenan Allen who is a wide receiver for the Chargers(San Diego/Los Angeles). 
Interesting hashtag on his account. KINGS13YER. 
His nickname is Slayer, but interesting the KING on it. 
Keenan Allen=203(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203
Interesting the Chargers have only been in the Super Bowl 1 time and it was on 1/29/95...the same year the Rockets won the NBA Finals. The Finals began on 6/7 that year so 129 days after the SB on 1/29. 
Channel 8 News story of Pool shooting

Go watch the video on this link. Only 1 person named Monique Clark supposedly died yet at the 2:13 mark what is that guy doing? He's just laying there like he's dead. It looks like they were just posing for the camera to me. 
Monique Clark=58, 139
She dies at a "Pool"=58
Freemasonry=58, 139
Pool Shooting=165
Scottish Rite=165
NBA Finals=165(reverse)

The Rockets joined the NBA by paying 1.75 million dollars? 
Houston Rockets=175
They chose the name Rockets because the Arms developer in San Diego's. It was the Atlas Missile and booster rocket Program. 
Atlas is what John Glenn went to Space with on Friendship 7 becoming the first astronaut to Orbit the earth. 
John Glenn died 175 days before the NBA Finals this year. 

The Rockets also joined the league the same year as the Seattle Supersonics. It makes a lot more sense to why these teams are connected. The Rockets first coach came from the Cincinnati Royals who later became the Sacramento Kings. 

The Denver Nuggets were also called the Denver Rockets until 1974. There's a whole other narrative I'm going to look at. George Karl connected to Nuggets/Sonics. Nene left Nuggets to Wizards and now with Houston. Warriors have Javale McGee. 
The Nuggets were involved in the trade that sent Dwight Howard(Orlando/Lakers/Houston) to the Lakers.
Howard turned 31 the same day John Glenn died. 12/8/16. 

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