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James Harden sued by Moses Malone Jr-Kevin Garnett-Moses Malone

 I love how this story starts off telling us about Isiah Carey and then mentions James Harden's lawyer was in Boston...
Isaiah Thomas...Boston...
Notice Harden's Lawyers name is Hardin lol same name different spelling. 
The Boston reference is interesting as I mentioned a long time ago the connections to Kevin Garnett and Moses Malone. 
It's quite possibly a tribute to the Spurs as well as Moses Malone and Garnett have a lot of 21 and 12 connections. 
Darryl Dawkins the first player out of the High School to play in the NBA, Moses Malone the first player out of HS to play in the ABA. Kevin Garnett the first Teen Wolf. 
Dawkins, Malone, and Saunders all died in 2015. 
Malone died age 60. 
Malone=60  died on first day of "Rosh"=60 "Hashanah"=60. 
Darryl Dawkins=60
Flip Saunders dies age 60. 

Kevin Garnett's rookie season was in 1995-96'.  He was drafted just after the Rockets last won the NBA Finals. Moses Malone played his final game with the Spurs in the 94-95' season. His final game was against the Charlotte Hornets which had Dell Curry. It was 5 months 11 days before the NBA Finals when the Rockets last won. 
After Moses retired the new generation of players like Garnett and Kobe came into the league. Moses was the last remaining former ABA player to retire.....Kobe/Garnett/Malone.....Lebron? all out of high school. 
High School=166(reverse)
Moses Malone=166(reverse)
Minnesota Timberwolves=93
Minneapolis Minnesota=93
Malone took the Rockets to the Finals in 1981 when they lost to the Celtics.  
Duncan wore # 21. 
The Spurs just beat the Rockets 21 days before the Finals begin.
Saturn=21, 93 and also 511(Jewish). Spurs won on 5/11. 

The Spurs lost last year 21 days before the Finals began. 
Kevin Garnett retired before this season after 21 seasons in the NBA. It was 1 month 2 days before the anniversary of Saunders death. 
He wore # 21 with the T-wolves and his rookie season they finished 12th in the West. The T-wolves final game that season was even against the "Spurs"=21.  Flip Saunders became the coach that season on the T-wolves 21st game. Garnett played with the T-wolves for 12 season before leaving to Boston. 
Saunders first fired by the T-wolves on 2/12..2005. 
Garnett's best friend Malik Sealy died after celebrating Garnett's bday. He was born on 2/1 and Wiki still has his # 21 St. Johns picture. (much more to this) 
Moses Malone played Pro basketball for 21 seasons. 
Holds the record for most offensive rebounds in a game with 21. 
Started in the NBA age 21 and 212 days, and his team beat Milwaukee by 21 points on his first game. When he played for the 76ers he average 21 points 12 rebounds a game(revelation...Cavs Warriors). Garnett even traded back to Minnesota for Thaddeus Young who was # 21 when he played for the 76ers. Young also the 12 pick in the draft. Then of course Malone finished his career with the Spurs=21. 

Flip Saunders born in Cleveland and also remember that story about Kevin Garnett being offered a spot to help coach the Cavs by Tyronn Lue this year?   
Garnett retired on 9/23 which was 8 months 9 days before the Finals....."King James"=89....Garnett's first ever NBA game against the KINGS. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish) 

Tyronn Lue born on 5/3 and Mike Brown born on 3/5.
It's funny as my videos about Garnett, I kept mentioning 91 and "Mirror"=91....and even said...Mirror...Flip, Flipping the Script. 
Tyronn played at Nebraska which is also super connected to the Teen Wolf stuff in regards to Garnett. 
I also just realized Mike Brown was born in Columbus, Ohio which is where John Glenn died...Flat Earth and so on..

James Harden=98
Lupercalia=98(wolf festival)
Chosen One=98
National Basketball Association=98
Lupercalia begins on 2/13. 
The NBA Finals=213(reverse)

You know what else is funny, I keep mentioning how the Rockets stuff seems to be connected to my best friend "Chris"....my cousin..."Chris" Houston. The other night when Sam text me, I was telling my other friend "Chris" and his wife about this stuff.  
The last Chris' bday is 3/5. 
Sturgill's bday 11/20......Houston=112
Chris Houston. 
Chris Schwery=166....see my other posts in regards to him. 

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