Thursday, May 4, 2017

Prince Philip to retire from Public Life 5/4

Prince Philip is going to retire from Public Life on 5/4. 
This is great as I was just making a video in regards to all the Gabriel connections. 
Now "Prince Philip"=135 in the news. 
Today is 5/4. 

Public Life=95
He is 95 years old right now. 


Think about this in regards to the KING symbolism too. I know he wasn't the King only Prince but he was married to the Queen. Queen/King you get what I'm saying. 

How odd I just documented about the Royal Family again a bit ago too. 
King Charles III=91
Queen Elizabeth II is 91 years old. 
Queen=26, 62
Elizabeth II became queen on 2/6. 
Her Coronation on 6/2 or 2/6. 
She was born in 1926. 

Today is 87 days after her 65th anniversary being Queen. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87

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