Sunday, May 14, 2017

Story from last night and how I realized I actually do have a Truth Seeking Friend

Last night when I got off work I went to a small party at the Schwery's house. I've talked about these guys before as my uncle Barney is also their uncle but on the other side. Anyway their sister graduated from nursing school and they had a bonfire and what not. I got there around 11:30pm and pretty much everyone started going to bed not long after. A few people stayed up and partied until about 3am which is when I left. 
Anyway just before I left my friend's wife brought up Donald Trump. I figured sweet, an opportunity to drop some gematria and truth on her. Of course I got instant denial and I'm like the guy in the movie The Number 23 and yada yada yada. After a while you just get so used to people not understanding or even caring it really doesn't hurt your feelings too much. So a bit later we went inside and kept talking and her husband woke up and started talking too. I explained all sorts of simple things such as 9/11....110 stories tall....Osama Bin Laden=110 Pentagon next to Hwy 110 and what not....Flight 77 hitting the 77 foot tall Pentagon exactly 77 minutes after takeoff on the 77th meridian.  
Jesus=74=Joshua=Ysuah=Muhammad=Messiah=Gospel=Cross and so on. 
All the stuff in regards to our nations independence...Just so many things that should catch a persons attention, but rarely does it happen. 
So whatever lol they know I'm not crazy, but they just don't fully grasp what I am presenting to them. I always get "you're too smart" and "how do you know/remember all that" when in actuality it's basic math and history that anyone can do. It's easy to remember something when you just take the time to try and understand it.  So no big deal after this I left and went home on good terms with them. 

What I find the most amazing about this whole story is when I came home. I sat down in the chair and looked at the ceiling(God) and said out loud, "Why can't you just let at least 1 person I know understand this too?" I then kept talking to myself saying, it could be anyone just give me someone I can talk to in person who cares and wants to seek truth as much as I do. 

No lie not even 2 minutes later at 3:21am I got a text from a friend named Sam. I say we are friends but we really have never been super close. I consider him a friend, but I know him mostly from music project stuff, we haven't really hung out much outside of that. 

His text was about researching bloodlines going back to ancient Egypt and also he found stuff about the interpretation of words and symbols. I really didn't know what to respond back, as it would be easier to talk to him in person in regards to what he was asking/telling me. I had to work this morning and figured I would text him this afternoon when I got off work. I knew he probably wouldn't be awake at the time I went to work, and figured I'd have more time to think about what to respond while at work. Anyway while I'm at work today, he calls and orders a pizza. He had no idea I was working and he lives 10 miles away, so it's just strange he would randomly call while I'm working. I only made about 10 pizza's today to put it in perspective. So I actually got to talk to him in person about his text. I mean it's just crazy to me. I guess I've had that friend all along, and I didn't put it together. Gonna have to talk to him more often that's for sure. 

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