Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Isaiah Thomas' 53 point game on his sisters bday-The KING in the Fourth

Just before Isaiah Thomas tied the game at 114 with 14.4 seconds left they zoomed in on this guy. 
He's wearing a shirt that says "The King", it possibly says more but they never show his full shirt. 
How interesting in regards to all of the King stuff and also the King stuff connecting to Isaiah Thomas. 
He tied the game at 114. 
Lebron James=114   (The King..King James) 
The showed the above guy when the Celtics had 113 points. 
Isaiah Jamar Thomas=113(reduced reverse)

I figured I would look to see what shirt the guy was wearing and I found this. I guess Isaiah Thomas' nickname starting this year is "The King in the Fourth". 
Fourth? He wears # 4. 
Ha and this article came out on 1/14. 
Thomas' bday is 114 days before the Finals begin this year. 

Tonight Isaiah scored 53 points in the overtime win against the Wizards. In his interview after the game he said it was his dead sisters 23rd bday. 
This means she died 17 days before her bday. 

The Celtics won because of Thomas' last 17 minutes of play. 
Sister died age 22. 
In King County. In a Toyota Camry...Camry means Crown. Isaiah used to wear # 22 with the Sacramento Kings.  (see previous Thomas' posts)
Chyna Thomas=53(reverse reduced)
He scores 53 points on her bday? 
She would've been "Twenty Three"=53(reduced reverse)
She died in "Federal Way"=53(reduced reverse)

So he's the King in the Fourth and scored 29 points in the Fourth and Overtime. 
His sister died 2 months 9 days(end date) after his bday. 
She dies in Federal Way that got it's name in 1929. 
Fourth=29(reverse reduced)
Original Death of Chyna Thomas Post

Today was also the 6th month 7th day of the NBA season. 
It started on 10/25 which leaves 67 days in the year. 
Isaiah Jamar Thomas=67
Interstate=67(red reverse) sister died on. 
Chyna died 67 days after Isaiah's bday. (2/7 to 4/15)
Blood Sacrifice=67
The opening day of the season the Warriors lost by 29 to the Spurs and the Cavs won by 29 over the Knicks with Irving scoring 29 points. (Knicks flat earth Irving). 

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