Friday, May 12, 2017

Ein Sof-Infinity-Kabbalah-613 commandment-Infinity on the Gematrinator Calculator

A few weeks ago I was doing some research and it brought me back to Ein Sof. I thought it was interesting as I titled a song Ein Sof a few years back and put it on Youtube. One of my better songs in my opinion. 
Ein Sof Youtube Video
I called this song Ein Sof as I found the term years ago in regards to wondering what created God. I wondered if God created man then who created God? Or how does God know there was nothing before God that created him to create everything else. The concept of the song is along the same lines as Ein Sof and that's what I named it. 

So the reason I am posting this now is because that night at 4:26am on 4/26 I typed in Infinity on the Gematrinator. It kept coming up like this. I was going to ask Derek if he did this on purpose or not but then I didn't do it. I thought for sure it was just a bit of humor which possibly it was and didn't want to look stupid by asking. Anyway I later forgot all about it and never mentioned this to anyone. 

For some reason tonight in researching I was led back to the same term Ein Sof and wondered what Infinity was in Gematria. Now it comes up like this, just as any other word or phrase would. 
318 supposedly the God number. 
Kabbalah is all about understanding God(Infinity/Ein Sof)  in 10 different attributes called Sefirot. 

Sefirot means "counting/enumeration" and Gematria is a tool used to help understand Gods message. 
It's interesting that "Infinity"=613(Jewish) as 613 is an important number to Jews as their were 613 Commandments/Mitzvots. 
613 is the the 112th prime too. Think about all the 112 and Houston stuff I've been mentioning. 
Gods Law=326(satanic)....the Gabriel number. 

Gonna have to ask Derek now if it was on purpose or what was going on that night in regards to Infinity. 

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