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Toyota Recalls Tacoma's-Death of Michael Mantenuto-Space Theme-Kennedy Space Center-Disney World-Tacoma Dome

Today we got the story of Disney's "Miracle" star Michael Mantenuto dying in his car in Des Moines, Washington. 
He actually died on 4/24 though. 
Notice his bday of May 13th. (see previous posts)
His death now makes 2 deaths in the mainstream media that happened in "King County" Washington. 
We also got the death of Isaiah Thomas' sister Chyna in Federal Way. 
Death of Chyna Thomas-Isaiah Thomas' Sister
Mantenuto dies in Des Moines, Washington.....Interesting I mentioned some thoughts in regards to Des Moines/stock market crash in my post on  Chyna Thomas. 

This story comes 35 days before the NBA Finals. He dies age 35. Kevin Durant # 35...(the 35 game of Cavs vs Warriors in January)
King James=35

We also got this story on the headlines of CNN today. 
Remember the Houston Rockets play in the Toyota Center. Chyna Thomas driving a Toyota Camry. I'm curious as to what car Mantenuto died in? 
Anyway the 228,000 is interesting as it's a number connected to Death. 

Toyota Tacoma=149 and 175(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203 and 175(reverse)

The recall of Toyota TACOMA's really sticks out to me. Tacoma is also in Washington, and the Seattle Supersonics played in the Tacoma Center for 1 season....The Rockets just defeated the Thunder who used to be the Sonics. 
Tacoma also where Isaiah Thomas is from. 

The only season the Sonics played at the Tacoma Dome was in 94-95. This is the year the Rockets won the NBA Finals defeating Shaq's Magic Team. 
Think about the Rockets in regards to the Sonics as well. Seattle...the Space needle. 

Interesting when you look up the Tacoma Dome, it says it hosted the Tacoma ROCKETS Western Hockey League team from 91'-95'. This is interesting as Michael Mantenuto was a hockey player and also Miracle is about hockey. 
The Rockets beat the Spurs 4 games to 2 to advance to the NBA Finals in 1995. 
Rockets owner fined 100 Grand for talking to ref Bill KENNEDY.
Could the Rockets owner being fined for yelling at Bill Kennedy also be a clue to the 95' season. 
The Rockets beat Orlando....
Orlando isn't where Kennedy Space Center is, but like I've said before it's pretty close to it. Orlando also has Disney World. Mantenuto famous for his Disney film? 
Kennedy Space Center where most of the Rockets are launched. 

Disney World founded in 1971. The same year the Rockets went to Houston. 
This is the 71st NBA Season. 
Also founded on 10/1 the day that leaves 91 days in the year. 

Kennedy Space Center formed on 7/1. 1962. 

Tacoma Dome broke ground on 7/1..1981. 

I have a feeling Tom Hanks is someone to look into. 
Apollo 13...
Forrest Gump goes to the Moon in the Book....him and Jenny also go to see Bonnie and Clyde(Faye Dunaway-Warren Beatty)
Sleepless in SEATTLE. 
Philadelphia....just had the death of director Jonathan Demme.
Hanks plays Walt Disney on Saving Mr. Banks. 
He was even on Happy Days early in his career. 
Toy Story his friend/opponent is Buzz Lightyear. 
Of course the Dan Brown-Da Vinci Code-Angels and Demons. 
Captain Phillips....Somali pirates...Black Hawk Down. 
Sully...Miracle on the Hudson. 

Wikipedia even has this picture for him...Kennedy Center Honors. 

Mantenuto dying on the 114th day in the Seattle area, by a suicide gunshot wound to the head....Doesn't that make you think of Kurt Cobain a bit? 
Kurt Cobain=114
Dave Grohl born on 1/14. 
Kurt died in 94' the year the Rockets first won the Finals against the Knicks. 
Kurt died on 4/5 but he wasn't found until 4/8...reminds me of how Mantenuto died on 4/24 yet the story not reported in mainstream until 4/27. 

Nirvana does the Unplugged in New York 203 days before the 1994 NBA Finals begin. The Finals with New York and Houston. 
Houston Rockets=203
Notice the album released on 11/1....
New York=111
Cobain dies in Seattle on 122W. 

The Tacoma Domes first concert was David Bowie and his Serious Moonlight Tour. 

Remember a while back I was talking about some weird stuff going on with "The Man Who Sold the World"...The David Bowie Song covered by Nirvana on the Unplugged in New York Album? 
Someone left me an interesting comment and a link to a video in which a UFO sighting had that song playing the background. This sighting happened in Bridge City, Texas, which is 99 miles away from Houston. 

Miracle stars KURT Russell as well. Think about the key words...We had Russell Westbrook Triple Doubles and D'Angleo Russell's grandma dies. 
Kurt Russell is also Wyatt Earp in Tombstone...Bill Paxton was Morgan Earp. 

Supposedly "Kurt Russell" was the last thing Walt Disney wrote before he died. 

A lot of things I need to look into, and I'm guessing some of these shows/films have some clues. I'll try and watch some of them when I get time. 

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  1. Mantenuto died the day before his Miracle co-star Sasha Lakovic. Major connections to the 1980 Miracle on Ice game which happened as Seattle Supersonics were NBA Champions. Two-part post up on Extra-Capsa.