Monday, February 13, 2017

Death of Fab Melo-Carmelo Anthony-Knicks-Cavaliers-Isaiah Thomas 923-William of Orange

Former Syracuse player Fab Melo dies today 2/11/2017. 

He's fitting to play for Syracuse. 
Born on the 171st day of the year. 
Syracuse Orange=171
Last year the NBA Finals were connected to the English Civil War as a Cavalier is a follower of King Charles. 
English Civil War=171
Funny how we also got the death of "Quentin Moses"=171 yesterday as well.
King James II(Charles I 2nd son) was overthrown by William Of Orange.  James II was the last Catholic English Monarch as well. 
English Civil War and Death of Dolph Schayes Syracuse Nationals
Last year we got the death of former Syracuse National Dolph Schayes that was connected to the Cavaliers winning the NBA Finals. 

Fab MELO just reminds me a lot of Carmelo Anthony who is also referred to as Melo. 
Both Carmelo and Fab Melo played at Syracuse in college. 
Fab Melo wearing number 51 is also interesting in regards to him dying just after SB 51 in Houston...
He dies on 2/11 or 11/2..."Houston"=112

Fab Melo played for the Boston Celtics in the NBA. Notice the day he died Boston scored 112 points too. The team close to Boston just won SB 51 as well in Houston. 

In regards tot he Celtics I noticed Isaiah Thomas shot 9 of 23 this year. So far the only players I've noticed do this are him and Lebron. I need to look at more players though. This has been important the last 2 seasons. Thomas did it against the Knicks too. The Knicks had 114 points. 
Thomas' bday is 114 days before the NBA Finals 2-7 to 6-1. 
Lebron James=114...923(Jewish)
Isaiah Jamar Thomas=166

The NBA season began with the Cavs defeating the Knicks by 29 points. Interesting the Warriors lost by 29 this day as well. I wonder if it's connected to Thomas scoring 29 points in the above game? 

The year Fab Melo played for Boston they got knocked out of the playoffs by the Knicks. The Miami Heat went on to win this year however getting their first ever Back to Back Championship. 
Cleveland=33, 51
In regards to the Knicks and Houston it also reminds me of Allan Houston. Allan Houston played with Isiah Thomas(the Detroit Piston) before he went to the Knicks. Isiah Thomas was also the coach of the New York Knicks 2006-2008. 

We also have been getting stories about Carmelo possibly being traded to the Cavaliers. 

The Cavs vs the Knicks was the first game of the regular season this year as well. 
Eddie Film Cleveland Cavaliers 51
Last year we had the death of Hot Rod Williams who was in the film Eddie in which Whoopi Goldberg was the coach of the Knicks. The Knicks who came back and won at the end after they showed the Knicks down 51-54. 
Donald Trump is in that movie as well, and there is a problem with the owner in the climax. The owner is going to sell the team if they win and it will relocate the Knicks to St. Louis. Just reminds me of Charles Oakley and the James Dolan controversy a bit.

We have also just got the Knicks story in regards to Charles Oakley. 
A big deal is what James Dolan has been doing with the Knicks. 
James Dolan's father was born in Cleveland and his uncle is the owner of the Cleveland Indians. 

I'm also reminded that last year I was talking about Patrick Ewing being part of the coded for the Cavaliers. 
In the 2016 Final Four Tournament Virginia Cavaliers coach Tony Bennett collapsed in the game against Hampton. Hampton is where Allen Iverson grew up. Iverson and Ewing the only 1st picks in the draft out of Georgetown. Then Villanova won the tournament for the first time since 1985 when they beat Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team who was going for Back to Back Championships. Georgetown beat Houston the previous year. 

Fab Melo also dies in Brazil. If you go back and read my post about the film "Brazil" it had a lot of 9/11 symbolism in it. Think about that in regards to the Knicks who play in New York. The Olympics were just held in Rio, Brazil. That film is also a similar world to "1984". It's part of a trilogy of imagination with "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" and "Time Bandits" by Terry Gilliam. I'm wondering if there is a connection to the death of Carrie Fisher and R2D2 dying this year. 
9/11 leaves 111 days in the year. 
New York=111

Fab Melo dies 111 days(end date) before the NBA Finals this year. 

I just recently mentioned the Knicks in regards to Washington Irving and popularizing the Christopher Columbus Flat Earth myth. 

A lot to think about but wanted to document it for now. 

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