Monday, February 20, 2017

Lane Graves 166- Daniel's Story Holocaust book

I was sitting here just typing in some old information to see how the reverse method syncs up. 
Remember the boy who was ate by the alligator was really connected to my own life and now I see even more why. 
Lane Graves=166(reverse)
Barney Murphy=166

I also just came home from my parents house and I noticed my mom is reading this book. She works at the school and they are reading this book, so she is too. Getting that holocaust programming in lol. Just funny in regards to how I've been mentioning the book of Daniel and what not, Now I see this? The Book of Daniel is Daniel's story. 

The Author born on 11/14. 

As I'm typing up this post, I was checking the gematria of Daniel's Story and exactly as I started typing "Story" the TV said, "Story". This episode of South Park was playing. 
I'm just interested it's talking about the Two Towers. 
Twin Towers=166

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