Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Death of Yoana Acosta in Denison, Iowa 1-19-2017

The day of my Uncle Barney's funeral this story came about. A car wrecked into the Boyer River around 3am, and everyone got out except a 15 year old girl. They searched the river for a week before finding her. 
I just saw on Facebook that the guy driving the car has pleaded not guilty and for some reason figured I'd look into the story. 

Look at that, she was born on the 166th day of the year. 
Then died on 19/1. 
Barney Murphy=166
Barney Alan Murphy=191 and he died 191 days before his bday. 
His funeral was on 19/1.  He was a 4th degree knight of Columbus which in turn makes me think of the Jesuits. 
Society of Jesus=191
My Uncle even saw Pope Benedict live in Washington DC before his wife won $250,000 on a lottery ticket. 
Pope Benedict=114(Uncle died on 1/14)
Joseph Ratzinger=191

Yoana Acosta=65(reverse reduced) also 34, 43, 115
191 is the 43rd prime number. 
Fifteen=65 (her age)
Denison, Iowa=65
Boyer River=65

I also find it interesting her bday of 15/6. 
156th prime is 911...she dies on 1/19. 
It also says she was born in "Marshalltown, Iowa". 
The guy driving the car was a 25 year old named Ramon Hernandez. 
Ramon Hernandez=75, 156

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