Friday, February 3, 2017

Richard Dawkins-Family Guy-The Simpsons-South Park 1012

I just watched this episode of Family Guy as Peter becomes a Falconer in it. I also watched the Simpsons episode that aired the same day this episode aired. The Simpson's Episode was called "Black Eyed Please". Just interesting as it's all about Flanders punching Homer in his left eye...

In the episode Flanders dreams he's in hell. It has a Houston reference and also a Boston Crab marriage. 

I didn't take a screen shot of it, but there is also a Richard Dawkins joke in this episode when he is in hell. 
The only reason I mention this is because oddly enough I figured I would check out South Park Season 10 episode 12 to see if there are any clues. South Park has always been my favorite cartoon and I've noticed a lot of predictive programming over the years. 

This episode also involves Richard Dawkins...just want to document it in case it comes back up later. 

Richard Dawkins=70, 142
Evolution=1114(English..on Gematrinator)
Just interesting as it all started with Season 11 episode 14 of Family Guy. Who knows. 
Prince Charles born on 11/14. 

Today also 51 days before his 76th bday. 
He was born in 41'....Superbowl=41
Wii=41....The SP episode is about. 

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