Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Harrison Ford involved in another Plane story-Death of Carrie Fisher-Twins

Harrison Ford was involved in another Plane story. 

Interesting his last plane story was on 3/5/15 which was 713(end date) days ago. 

Ford born on 7/13. 
Think about today being Valentines Day as well. He was in love with Princess Leia who just died on 12/27/16. 

Carrie Fisher died 50 days before this new plane incident..Also 1 month 19 days. 
The plane in Ford's wreck on 3/5/15 had the big "50" on it. 
Carrie Fisher=119
Star Wars=119
She was in London Filming the show "Catastrophe" that first aired on 1/19..2015. 
She also had the cardiac arrest on the plane 119 days before Queen Elizabeth II's bday. 

I've been thinking about some type of Twin theme that might be going on as well. 
We got the story of Beyonce having Twins. 
The Kelly Twins at Nasa..
The Twin Panda's at the Atlanta zoo. 
I just read an article yesterday about George Clooney having Twins at an older age. 
All of the 166's and "Twin Towers"=166
Isn't it odd that the only president to have Twin Children was George W. Bush..The president when the Twin Towers fell? 
Possibly nothing but just want to document it. 

Princess Leia was a Twin to Luke Skywalker. 
I really need to watch the "Fisher King" since the Death of R2D2 earlier this year is connected and it's also a Terry Gilliam film. I'm assuming there's a big clue in that film. 

Harrison Ford's name has always made me think about Presidents as well. 
The 9th and the 23rd were both Harrison. 
The 38th president was Ford. 

There's also got to be some type of joke with the Falcons crashing in the Super Bowl and the Millenium Falcon. 


  1. Great catch man, it's pretty wild how they connect things... that Twin theme is interesting, I wonder is it supposed to give us a clue for the next big event

  2. The time span of 713 days = 23 X 31 = 9th X 11th prime number.