Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gabriel-Daniel and Zechariah..Peter Tosh-Tosh.0- Bob Marley-Israel-Dead Prez

Last night I posted about the angel Gabriel and how it connects to Daniel and Zechariah. I even talked about how I looked up at the TV and Tosh.0 was on. It was the season 9 premiere and Daniel Tosh was interviewing a Youtuber named Zach. 
Anyway I looked up Peter Tosh last night, but never posted anything about it. I was thinking Tosh.0 and thought I wonder if Peter Tosh is somehow connected. The reason is because I mentioned rastafari and Samson(Tribe of Dan) recently as well. Anyway I wanted to finish reading the Book of Daniel and then forgot to keep looking at Peter Tosh.  
So moral of the story, I just got home from work and I figured I'd check Zach's blog. I noticed just yesterday he posted about Peter Tosh. I didn't even read his blog yesterday is why it's so amazing to me. We were both looking at the same thing randomly without either of us knowing it.
Bob Marley=93
Marley dies on 5/11. 
Bob Marley dies 6 years 4 days before Peter Tosh. 
64 the big number around Israel connecting to Saturn. 
Knesset=93(Israel's legislative branch)
Israel's independence was recognized on 5/11...1949. 
Haile Selassie buried on November 5th or 5/11. 
Thelema=64...worships 93
Synagogue of Satan=64
Do what thou Wilt=64
The real children of Israel..Black Jesus and so on. 
Interesting too that Marley dies in the 5th month on the 11th day, and Tosh dies in the 9th month on the 11th day. 
Rasta=59=Slave=Negro and so on...
Tosh dies age 42..
Five=42=Nine=Nigger=February and so on..
Selassie's reign began on 4/2..1930. 
Marley dies 3 months 6 days(end date) after his 36th bday. 
Selassie dies 36 days(end date) after his bday. 

Dead Prez-I'm an African
Possibly nothing but every time I think of Peter Tosh I think of "I'm an African" by Dead Prez.  Wonder if that's a sign for what's to come? Dead President? 
One of my all time favorite albums by the way. 

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