Thursday, February 2, 2017

Keifer Sutherland 923

Starting to make more sense why Kiefer Sutherland seems so important....
Kiefer Sutherland=923
Only other person I know that adds to 923 is Lebron James. 


  1. Hey Dan, may want to check out the box score tonight Atlanta Hawks @ Houston. On a date with '33' numerology.
    Massachusetts = 33.

    Lets see if Atlanta leaves Houston with a win tonight

    1. Nice I'll try and look at it more, don't have much time tonight. "Tim Hardaway Jr"=151=Jesus Christ. Also 151 is the 36th prime. He was 12-18 which is interesting as "Houston Rockets"=1218(English/Sumerian) Super Bowl Li=912 and "Nine Hundred Twelve"=1218 The Falcons beat the 49ers on 12/18 41-13...The Patriots beat the Broncos on 12/18 16-3....So 49ers lost with 13 getting their 13 loss of the season and Broncos lost by 13. "Thirteen"=45, 99=New England

  2. Tim Hardaway Jr. posted a career-high 33 Pts in comeback win over the Rockets. Lol.

  3. Interesting too that today is a date with 41 numerology.
    2+2+20+17= 41