Sunday, February 12, 2017

Just got home from BeeBeetown 1551 UFO/Demons/Aliens The Faculty on TV.

We just got back from the party at BeeBeetown. They had a few gambling machines like they do in most bars/restaurants around here. We gave Claire and my nephew Collin money to keep them occupied. They also had the game Big Buck Hunter. Anyway Claire won 34 tickets from the gambling machine which are a dollar a piece but you have to spend them at the venue. I bought a round for some of my relatives but was still left with 7 tickets. Soon after everyone I really knew started leaving and I figured I would just use up them up and bought a shot and a beer. 
Claire didn't want to leave anyway because she didn't get to play Big Buck Hunter because my nephew Collin played it all night and wouldn't let her play too. So I gave her a dollar to play the game while I finished off my tickets. I watched her play it. 
Moral of the story: After the dollar it showed her score on the game. Her score was 1,551 points lol. Go read my previous post. I said I saw a UFO in this town on 9/10/2001 which was 15 years 5 months 1 day ago. The highway it's located on is F66...666. 
Big Buck Hunter=666(Jewish)
As I'm thinking about it too, she actually won 2 tickets when my sister gave her a dollar. Then my girlfriend gave her some more money and she won 32 tickets which makes 34 total. 
2 then 32.. 
Possibly nothing but "Satan"=232(Jewish)
There's a lot of stuff on Youtube that talks about how demons and aliens are the same thing.  
Demon Aliens=666(English)

Anyway now we are home and of course the film "The Faculty" is on. 
Jack Finney...The Body Snatchers....Invasion of the Body Snatchers...Which is mentioned by Stokely in this film. 
Funny how the head alien in the film begins as a transfer student from Atlanta, Georgia.  
Elijah Wood is the main character in Flipper. 
I made a crappy video way back talking about this part in the movie even. They are talking about how the aliens are deceiving humans by putting stuff in films then when it really happens people won't think it's real...I mean regardless of Aliens being a lie or not, that is a lot of what is going on it seems. They talk about how the police and what not are in on it as well. Reminds me a lot of "The Live". 
The film takes place at Herrington high school. 
Herrington High School=232

I also covered the Ninja Turtles in my really old stuff and the 37th episode was a reference to Body Snatchers. Notice it came out on 11/14. How fitting. 
Says S03E26 too....The 3/26? 326
This episode is all about time travel and alternate dimensions. 
Three Two Six=166...hmmm

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  1. Laura Harris is that woman's name, the one from Atlanta in the movie. I had the biggest crush on her growing up. Damned Canadians. I first remember her as being an extra in IT. Then that horrible teen drama Degrassi High on Nick. Man, she is still banging. Alright. ..confession time is over.