Saturday, February 11, 2017

Random things in my life Today..Uncles Death Falcon-BeeBeetown, Iowa 42-UFO on 9/11/2001

I just got back from my Grandma Murphy's house. We usually go there on Saturday afternoon just  to visit and so Claire can play with my nephew Collin. 

Anyway while we were there my uncle Clancy showed up as well. Somehow in the conversation my sister's address came up. Not the exact address but the street name. I've only been to her house a few times as she lives about 45 minutes away on a farm and I honestly have never known her address. Moral of the story, it turns out her she lives on "Falcon Avenue". I had to bite my tongue and just not say anything but just crazy to me. 

A bit later my mom started telling us she talked to my aunt Betty and she said that Barney's death stuff came back. It was ruled a death by injuries from an auto accident not cancer. She also said that he didn't have a stroke like everyone had thought. The bleeding on the brain was from the wreck. 
It's just the most suspicious thing. He was 5 miles off the main Hwy on a gravel road that doesn't make sense to get on. Then he wrecks his truck and dies from injuries the next day. Why was he on that gravel road off of the hwy? He didn't have a stroke so it wasn't because he was disoriented and just drove around. I'm talking about how it's super coded by the numbers but I can't tell my family this as none of them understand it. 

Grandma Murphy=159
Clancy Murphy=159
He's the father of my cousin Timmy(Fred Flinstone Halloween), and Ryan who lived by the Ft. Lauderdale shooting. 
Ryan Murphy=159
One Hundred Fifty Nine=108
Michelle Marie Behrendt=108(sisters maiden name). 

My Grandpa was also 7 years 7 months 7 days older than my grandma Murphy. Crazy stuff. 

I also found out my cousin's wife on the opposite side of the family(Behrendt's) is having a surprise bday party tonight. We are going to go I think but interesting in regards to where it is. 
It's in BeeBeetown, Iowa at The Twisted Tail. 
This is the town I saw the UFO on 9/10/2001 that I have mentioned over the years. The Hwy is F66...666
I just posted about this number yesterday and a few days before.
Evolution=1114(Richard Dawkins)
Jack Finney=1114 died on 11/14..(Aliens..body snatchers)
I also talked about the Season 11 episode 14 of the Simpsons in which Maude Flanders dies. The Voice of Maude was "Maggie ROSWELL"(area 51) She was born on 11/14, quit the Simpsons before season 11 and came back in season 14. 
How funny...
Today is the 42nd day of the year. 
Twisted Tail=142
Forty Two=142
My cousin's name.."Abe Sandquist"=42

The UFO incident was literally 15 years 5 months 1 day ago.  I've mentioned the importance of this combo a bunch a while back. 
Trump is exactly 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Today is George Washington's bday...Washington the 42nd state and so on...
George Washington=88
Elizabeth=88  She became Queen 51 years 15 days after Queen Victoria died. 
Pope Francis was 15 years old in 51'. 
Kanye West=1551(Jewish) not going to re-explain but he's connected to Trump/Paris Attacks/Queen/President and more. 

I'm telling you things have been crazy lately. I'm upstairs and I was looking up the Trinity because a few people had commented about that from my video I put out last night. I was just looking up to see the history of the Trinity belief in regards to Man in "Our own Image".  Anyway right as I looked at Trinity I heard my girlfriend say "Trinity" downstairs. They are making Valentines for school and Trinity was the person they started with.

So then like 15 minutes later I was looking at the map of the Twisted Tail and I was thinking about how kids from BeeBeetown probably attend school in either Logan or Tri-Center. Then I was thinking about my friends son who died in this area on 3/21/16. His name was Gage and right when I thought of his name, my girlfriend said, Who's next..Gage or Ty? 
Gage died 114 days before his bday on 7/13/16. 
Gage Michael Lee Williams=191
He died in a car crash off of Hwy 191 or what I've always considered Hwy 191.  Hwy 191 turns into Railroad Hwy after I-80 but it's the same road. So possibly a stretch but if you see the road it would make sense. 
Anyway my uncle dies on 1/14
Bernard Alan Murphy=191 and he dies 191 days before his bday. 

Anyway have to head out soon, just felt like posting as it's really getting absolutely crazy. 

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