Monday, February 13, 2017

Death of Quentin Moses-Orange Alligator-Nebraska-Michigan-Civil War

In light of Fab Melo the former Syracuse ORANGE player dying, and also how it connects to the Knicks(orange), we also got this story on 2/8 in regards to an Orange Alligator in South Carolina. 
Clemson(orange) also beat Alabama in the College Football championship. 

This story reminds me of the Pulse nightclub shooting on Orange street in Orange county. A few days later we got the boy ate by the alligator story at Disney land also in Orange County. 

Isn't it funny on the Quentin Moses Yahoo story they show a picture of him tackling the Tennessee(Orange) player too?
Fire makes you think of Orange. He played for the Miami Dolphins whose colors are Aqua and Orange. 
House Fire=106
Reinhardt University=106 (Moses currently working there)
He played 44 NFL games. 
Notice his final game was against the Patriots. It was 45 days after his bday. 
New England=45
Total score 7+38=45

Possibly nothing in regards to the picture above but I think it was on purpose. 
Yahoo Sports=171=Quentin Moses

Moses used to wear # 93 for the Miami Dolphins. 
Suh currently wears # 93 for the Dolphins. 
Suh the former Nebraska Cornhusker. 
The Ten Commandments=71
Moses freed the Slaves, Lincoln Freed the Slaves and a lot more.. 
Nebraska played Tennessee in the Music City Bowl this year. 
Moses wore # 94 in College...Nebraska lost to Tennessee becoming 9-4 on the season.
I mentioned how this year was the opposite of 1997-98 season too. Nebraska played Tennessee in their bowl game and Michigan played in the Orange bowl. In 1997 Nebraska beat Tennessee in the Orange Bowl which caused them to get a share of the national title with Michigan. 
1997 of course the year of the 2 ties in the NFL when the Indians lost in game 7 of the World series just like this year. 

It's no coincidence that former Michigan coach BRADY Hoke is joining Tennessee coaching staff. Remember how he was fired just before SB 49 which was also the year Alice on the Brady Bunch died. Also the year James Brady died. This year we got the death of Carol Brady around the same time Michigan started choking. 
I documented multiple times how 17 was connected to Michigan and Nebraska.  Michigan Ohio State even went to OT 17-17. The game won by "Samuel"=17, 71  
Samuel also a Judge in the Bible. 
Hoke was also the guy who recruited Tom Brady to Michigan. 

The Tennessee player above is Gerald Riggs Jr...He also played in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins. 
So just another connection to Miami in which I keep saying a lot of the football stuff is coded to. 
Moses also died in "Monroe, Georgia"=142
Miami Dolphins=142
Patriots had a 14-2 regular season record. 

Also Moses dying in a house fire is interesting in regards to the pic with Tennessee. Remember the Tennessee wildfires in which the Book of Joel was found..Joel 1:19 about fires. Dollywood- Dolly Parton and her song Jolene...Dolly the Sheep....Donald Trump sheep commercial. 

Possibly nothing but if you go to Joel 2:12  just before it, it says "Rend Your Heart" in the Subsection of the NIV. 
In Joel 2:13 it actually begins with Rend Your Heart. 
Makes me wonder if that's a play on Moses coaching at Reinhardt?

It's also fitting for Quentin Moses to die on 2/12 as it's the 43rd day of the year and to be born on 11/18 which leaves 43 days in the year. Notice the Pic at the top with the Tennessee player is from a game on 10+8+20+05=43 too.
Remember 34 and 43 are big numbers in connection to Moses and Abe Lincoln/Civil War. 
Charleston=43 (Civil War began)
Lincoln born on the 43rd day. Became president on 4/3 or 3/4... Dies exactly 4 years 3 days after the Civil War began. Kansas became the 34th and last state to join the Union 34 days before Lincoln became president on March 4th. 
Forty Three=59
The Civil War came to an end on 5/9. 
59 the big number in regards to Slavery/Black people. 
The 20th amendment changed a president from starting on 3/4 to 1/20.   1/20 to 3/4 is a span of 43 days. The first president to begin his presidency on 1/20 was the 34th president and 43rd term president Eisenhower. 
Civil War=43, 97
Dolphins=43, 97...Think about how this connects to the 97' season too. 
Nebraska had a lot of 43 connections this year. 
Sam Foltz died 43 days before Nebraska's first game against "Fresno State"=43 in which Nebraska score 43 points. 
Nebraska has 43 conference on. 

Red Sea=34
Aries=34(The Ram)
Tennessee=34, 43, 52

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  1. Can't wait till the Tenn/UGA gsme next year. Can't help but remember all that Drain the Swamo nonsense and now the Gators are turning Orange? Orange is the new black? Orangeman=88.