Saturday, February 11, 2017

Film Oblivion came out on 3/26/13-Spamming on 3/26 blog post-Pope Francis/Benedict-Youtube takes my Banner down(old post)

I started uploading a video I made last night, and while making that video I noticed a big connection as to why I keep getting spammed on my Post from 3/26/16..

The Film Oblivion came out on 3/26/13. 
This was 13 days after Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13. 
It also premiered in Buenos Aires which is where Pope Francis is from. 
Then it came to the US on 4/19/13....This sticks out because if Pope Benedict wouldn't have resigned as Pope 4/19/13 would have been his 8th anniversary of being the Pope. 
Joseph Ratzinger=191=Society of Jesus
Pope Francis supposedly the 1st Jesuit Pope. 
This film is 84 minutes long. 
12+17+19+36=84(Francis bday)

In regards to 13 and the Last Superbowl. It reminded of something youtube did to my channel on 1/3. 
Youtube took down my Banner/Channel Art
Youtube Banner The Gold Slipper-The Last Supper
Possibly nothing but they were showing me the Last Supper which reminds me a lot of Last Super..Like Last Superbowl? 
The Gold Slipper=166
Tom Cruise fixes drone 166 and more.

Funny how humanity moves to Saturns moon Titan in 2077 in this movie too. 
Twenty Seventy Seven=93=Saturn
Two thousand Seventy Seven=119=Saturn(Francis Bacon)
Titan=64=Israel=Thelema=Zion and more
Thelema worships 93. 

Think about all of the Moon symbolism as well in regards to the first and last. 

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