Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Assassination attempt on FDR- 32 and 23

Going through my old notes and found the assassination attempt on FDR. This was before I knew Gematria but there was a lot of 32 in this story. 
Guiseppe Zangara tried to assassinate FDR. Notice he was 32 years old and died on 3/20....32..
He emigrated to the US in 23'. 
He tried to assassinate the 32nd president FDR. 
FDR was also first elected in 1932.  His VP was John Nance Garner who was the 32nd VP. 
FDR was the first president to start a term on 1/20 because of the 20th amendment. 
The 20th amendment was proposed by congress on 3/2/32. 
The 20th amendment was made to lower the Lame Duck period. 

The guy who coined the term Lame Duck died on 3/2. 
Zangara tried to assassinate FDR 23 days after the 20th amendment was ratified on the 23rd day of the 1933. 
Zangara died 33 days after he tried to assassinate FDR. 

The gun he used was .32 Caliber revolver. 

He didn't kill FDR that day but he did shoot the Chicago mayor who died 19 days later. 
He died on 3/6 or 6/3....interesting as FDR died age 63 and if you sum the divisors of 32 you get 63. 

Cermak dies 2 months 3 days before his 60th bday. 
So he died age 59 and was born on 5/9. 

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