Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscars mess up and say La La Land wins instead of Moonlight-Death of Bill Paxton Moon Theme

Bill Paxton's death was a Moon ritual at it's finest. 
La la Land=21, 57
Moon=21, 57
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93=Saturn
Best Picture=57
February 26th is the 57th day of the year. 
Eugene Cernan born on 3/14. 

It's just ridiculous too, Remember when Steve Harvey messed up at the Miss Universe Pageant and we got the story of a lady running over people on the sidewalk. That story was connected to Nice, France and more. Just yesterday we got the story of the Truck driving into a crowd at Mardi Gras. 

Steve Harvey messed up 1 year 2 months 6 days ago. 
The last biggest super moon before 2016 was on 1/26..48. 
Eugene Cernan died 1 month 26 days before his bday. 
Cnn said Apollo 17 launched on 12/6. 
Faye Dunaway=126  she was the person who actually said La La Land won. 
There were even 434 people injured in Nice, France. 
Steve Harvey was also the host of Showtime at the APOLLO for 7 years. Apollo are the missions that went to the Moon. 

CNN even gives us the article at 1:26am. 

I've even recently mentioned Warren Beatty and how he connected to my life, the death of Carrie Fisher and more. 

Moonlight released in the US on Carrie Fisher's bday 10/21. 
Faye Dunaway born on 1/14 which is interesting in regards to my Uncle dying that day. 
Garry Shandling-Warren Beatty-My Uncle-Miami Dolphins and more
Moonlight the film is even connected to Miami. 

Something else I used to talk about but haven't lately...Yesterday 2/26 was also the same as 2/13 on the Julian calendar. 
Making a big deal in regards to the Moon and Moonlight would be fitting it would be the first day of Lupercalia. Wolves have a connection to the Moon. Just like how Michigan Wolverines started playing bad just around the time of the closest super moon on 11/14. 


  1. Cernan born on 3/14. That's the day March Madness starts.
    It's in Arizona this year. (University of phoenix stadium)
    Cernan went to Purdue.
    Eugene andrew cernan = 87. Purdue boilermakers = 87.
    Cernan was born in 'Chicago' = 46. Died in 'Houston Texas' =46
    Boilermakers coach is aged 46. Forty six = 136.
    University of phoenix stadium = 136.
    Phoenix = 46.
    Sum of divisors of 46 = 72. Glendale Arizona = 72.
    Cernan died 77 days before the final on 4/3.
    Seventy seven = 175. Phoenix Arizona = 175.
    Phoenix Arizona also adds to 85. Like Purdue University.

    1. Only 2 boilermaker players have wiki pages. The guy called spike is interesting. His wiki page has him throwing up the 666 in his michigan uniform.

    2. Nice stuff thanks a lot. I haven't really followed much college basketball this year. Purdue's first 2 losses of the season were to # 3 Villanova and then # 14 Louisville. All other losses were to unranked teams, so you may be on to something. "March Fourteenth"=175..also 77(reverse reduced)...Purdue=77(reverse). The first loss to Villanova was on 11/14(normally 318th day)...318 connected to backwards PI.