Monday, February 20, 2017

Still getting spammed comments on that 3/26/16 Post-Gabe Rygaard- Cavs vs Knicks 202, 185 Book of Mormon

I noticed that I'm still getting spammed messages on my old post from 3/26/16. I also every few days or so am getting a trolled comment on my Gabe Rygaard video I put out on 9/27/16. So I figured there must be more I'm supposed to see from these. 
Post I just made on spammed message 3/26/16

Original 3/26/16 Post

Look at that, I was talking about the connection between the Cavs and the Knicks. The reason was because LeBron shot 9 of 23 against the Knicks on 11/4/15...Not gonna re explain this but it was significant the last 2 seasons. 
Just interesting my latest post's have involved the connection to the Cavs and the Knicks who also play on 2/23/17 in their first game back from the All Star Break. 

I also noticed I talked about Skull and Bones in that post as well. 322...223..
Skull and Bones=202(reverse)
Phi Beta Kappa Society=202(simple) SB founded because of awards. 

July 21st of 21/7 is the 202nd day of the year.
There's something special about 217, I've been saying for a while. The All Star week went to New Orleans on 21/7...then began on 2/17. "New England Patriots"=217

March Twenty Sixth=202(reverse)
End of the World=202(reverse)
Francis Xavier=202(reverse)
Weird too as I'm putting this together on Feb. 20th...20/2. 

Notice 3/26 to 7/21 is a 3 months 26 days(end date)
7/21 also leaves 163 days in the year. 
Make America Great Again=163
3/26 is the 85th day..
Basketball=85....last year 3/26 was 85 days before 6/19 when the Cavs won.. 
Nineteen Eighty Five=202
Back to the Future Part II=318(reverse)

My Gabe Rygaard video keeps getting messages as well. 
3/26 to 9/27 is 26 weeks and 3 days..Also 185 days. 
Donald John Trump=185
World Trade Center=185
Stock Market Crash=185
Book of Revelation=185
King of the Mountain=85, 202
This is what Rygaard was always trying to achieve and also won on the final episode of Ax Men. 
Of course 9/27 is the Jesuit orders anniversary. 

As I'm typing/researching,  I just looked at the time lol. It's of course 3:26pm

The Book of Mormon was also first published on 3/26. 
The Book of Mormon=185

A lot more to think about, but I feel like I keep getting spammed because there's more for me to see. 

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